The 5 Best Malware Removal Tools You Can Use on Your PC or Mac

Malware and viruses can slow down and drastically affect the performance of your PC or Mac. Whether the malware is dangerous, it messes with how your devices and browser function. The good part is that we have many malware removal tools these days – so many that we’re often left wondering which one to opt for.

Malware removal tools can help boost the functionality of your devices by helping to get rid of malware and viruses the moment they enter your PC, Mac, or even mobile devices. Investing in high quality, reliable malware removal tools is key to achieving the best results. Before we have a look at the top malware removal tools, let’s have a look at few different types of malware our devices are susceptible to:


Types of Malware

Here are a few prominent forms of malware that commonly affect our systems. 



The most common malware is a virus. Viruses, which are one of several online threats, infect our computers via malicious software programs or emails that come through browser and any web activity. The typical trait of viruses is that they need a host program to enter, which is unlike any other malware. 

Once the user opens the infected host program, the virus spreads throughout the device, affecting its functioning in several ways. This ultimately results in slow performance or even data loss and leaves you wishing you’d had both better antivirus protection and malware protection in place. 

malware removal tool warning a user about an attack


One of the most harmful malware types out there, ransomware, is also the most profitable for hackers. Once ransomware enters a PC through malicious files and attachments in emails or other sources, it encrypts the user’s files and folders and locks up your programs.

The files will not be accessible until the user pays a ransom to the hacker. This often results in hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars for companies. 



Worms are a less serious form of malware which generally don’t crash your PC or cause data loss. What they do is occupy storage on your PC. This is, of course, an annoyance and can slow productivity. 

However, while most worms have these traits, there are others which can exploit security weaknesses and damage your computer. Therefore, worms too need to be dealt with the moment they enter your PC. Early detection is key to success here, as it is with any digital threat. 



Spyware typically gets installed on your PC without your knowledge. They come from host programs or applications you may have downloaded to your device. Via spyware, hackers can snoop around your PC – right from your browsing habits to private data; they can access it all. In addition, spyware hackers typically transmit personal information to interested parties.

trojan horse representing a malware attack


Once downloaded, trojans can wreak havoc on your PC. Until then, they are just like any other harmless application. However, if not tackled, trojans can crash your PC and even spy on the tasks you perform. They are one of the most common malware and can also prove to be damaging.


What is the Best Anti-Malware or Antivirus?

Now that we’ve given you a brief of common malware types, let’s run you through the top-performing malware tools. You will also learn what makes them the great picks and what benefits they provide so that you can make an informed decision. 



This malware removal tool is just what you need to deal with malware that bypasses your antivirus protections. It is a dynamic tool and updates its database every day. This makes it easier for users to spot new threats and get rid of them immediately. 

Malwarebytes can help your devices tackle spyware, ransomware, adware, viruses, and any other hidden threats on your PC. You can access the free trial, which gives you an idea of how Malwarebytes works to protect your devices, after which you can invest in the premium version.


Avira Free Security

The perfect tool for those looking for a basic, effective malware removal tool, the Avira Free Security is a great choice. The Avira Free Security may not have the most advanced features, such as anti-ransomware software, but it is one of the best free malware tools out there. 

The tool comes with useful add-ons such as a VPN adapter and software updater. The add-ons are optional, so if you don’t want to install them, you can choose not to during the Avira Free Security software installation.


Norton Antivirus Plus

If you’re looking for an antivirus solution with a long history, this malware removal tool offers multi-layer protection for your machine, Norton Antivirus Plus is a great option. The free version of this antivirus software gives you a good enough glimpse of how the full security suite functions.

The latter is q highly effective suite that offers many security features, helps with malware detection and instantly blocks threats that enter your PC. In addition, Norton Antivirus Plus offers this antivirus program for just $19.99 per year. The reasonable price and excellent features it offers makes it one of the best malware removal tools out there, both for individuals and small businesses alike.

Its range of features also helps with ransomware protection by implementingn detection strategies, warning you of malicious attachments or links and helping you back up your files, so you don’t need to worry about covering the ransom. 


Avast One Essential

Avast One Essential is a comprehensive antivirus software and anti-malware software package that helps with detection and protects your system from viruses and other vulnerabilities. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one security solution, you should definitely consider this. The best part about Avast One Essential is that its free version offers real-time protection. 

Not every antivirus application offers the same, which gives this antivirus tool an edge over others in the market. In addition, it has all the requisite features needed to protect your PC against the latest malware attacks. It does come with certain add ons that may or may not be your thing but it’s a solid free tool. 


Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is well-equipped to tackle malware entering your PC or Mac from any source. So, whether the malware has entered your device via a USB, malicious websites or random downloads, it’s able to tackle the problem quickly and efficiently. 

The feature that makes this tool different from others is that it can detect and instantly block threats even if they come through hardware devices. Bitdefender Total Security also monitors all system services and easily handles any suspicious activities within your system. 

computer hardware infected with malware

Bonus: Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is the more robust version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. It’s an incredible security suite unlike many of its competitors. One of the most comprehensive and feature-packed tools on the market today, it has been helping individuals and businesses protect their data and devices for years with quick detection, advanced security measures, and a pile of additional benefits. 

Some features include robust file encryption and shredding, in-depth parental controls, backup system, cross-platform protections, consistently high test ratings and much more.

Kaspersky Total Security is loaded with a range of additional features and bonuses like a limited-bandwidth VPN, a privacy cleaner to scrub your system of search histories and many other features. Kaspersky even covers you with advanced ransomware protection, something that not everyone offers. 


Summing Up

We’ve listed our top picks for malware removal tools – each of these comes with unique features that make them effective in dealing with threats your devices often fall prey to. You can choose one according to your budget, what features they offer, ease-of-use, and the type of machine or system you’re protecting. You can also opt for the free trials before making your choice to get a feel for the program before you make it official.  

No matter what you choose, it’s important that you do put one in place. A great malware removal program is one strong step within your total security strategy. Always remember to reach out to your IT specialist or service provider to help you make the choice that’s a perfect fit for your organization. 


Tech Masters helps businesses and organizations create and implement rock-solid security plans and IT strategies that protect data, increase productivity and pave the way for growth. Contact us today to learn more and claim your free business IT assessment. 

To learn more about protecting yourself and your business from malware threats, check out our frequently asked questions and answers below. 




Are there really free malware removal tools?

Yes, of course! There are many free malware removal tools out there. As they offer free services, they may not be equipped with certain, more advanced features. Nevertheless, they work well for many people. 

Free malware removal tools typically come with add-ons, which may or may not be optional. Among our picks, we have the Avast One Essential application, a completely free malware removal tool. These kinds of tools often work best for those with basic requirements. 

Also, if you’re undecided about which malware removal tool to opt for, you can always start off with the trial version before installing the paid subscription.


What is the most reliable way to remove malware from your computer?

Investing in a reliable malware removal tool is the best, safest, and most effective. Even if you don’t use your device for confidential work, your PC or Mac is a storehouse of private information such as passwords, photos, important files, browsing history, etc. 

Therefore, investing in a malware removal tool is always advisable to safeguard your machine from both existing and new malware attacks. We’ve listed the top five, well…six picks – do check them out.


What can be done to protect against ransomware?

Ideally, no PC or Mac should be used without installing a proper malware removal tool. So apart from this step, here are some ways you can protect yourself against ransomware:

Ensure your computer is updated and your operating system and programs have the latest security patches. An updated machine is better equipped to deal with different types of malware that may have come up recently.

Never open suspicious email attachments or install downloads. Also, avoid dubious-looking URLs, as all of these are top sources of malware entering your PC.

Use a reliable Wi-Fi network as much as possible and avoid using public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi leaves you vulnerable to attacks from several sources. Online privacy and online security is key to guarding yourself against identity theft, credit card issues, and corrupted files, and helps strengthen overall cybersecurity efforts

Have backups in place of all important files and databases to prepare you against sudden ransomware attacks. While backups don’t protect your device from malware, they ensure you don’t lose your key data to the attack.

Use trusted password managers to help you organize, protect, and remember your access information. Password managers and password management features within other security programs are wonderful tools for individuals wanting greater organization and protection for their files. Password managers can also help you choose strong passwords or upgrade the ones you already have. 


How do I rid my computer of a Malware Infection?

If your computer is acting strange, running unwanted programs and unwanted software, shutting off on its own, experiencing decreased speed and performance, you find it difficult to open certain programs, you’re seeing weird pop-ups or messages, or any number of other out-of-place activities, there’s a good possibility that it has been infected with some type of malware from in-house or online threats and malicious software. 

The first thing you need to do is backup your essential files. Next, run your antivirus program/anti-malware tool, as it will help detect, block and remove any malware on your device. Restart your device, after which you can run the antivirus again. 

This will scan and detect any malware (if they’re still on your device). After this, you can restart your computer again. This time, update your operating system, browsers and other applications. Reset your passwords to be on the safe side. This will help take care of the malware in your system. Again, don’t neglect online privacy and safety. Verify all emails and attachments and keep all security measures and policies in place company-wide. 


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