The Best Apps for Remote Work

Companies have their employees working from home but that can prove both troublesome and inefficient if you’re not prepared with the right tools and procedures.

Improving efficiency and maximizing your employee’s productivity can be difficult if it’s the first-time employees are facing this situation. To help your employees work from a remote workspace, there are several apps they can use. These apps will promote effective communication and increased productivity in your new office setup.

Slack vs. Teams

First, your employees must have a regular communication app. Your employees must stay connected with their superiors at all times because effective communication requires continuous communication. We recommend two apps, Slack and Teams. Both are professional apps designed for remote work communication, but each comes with some positives and some drawbacks.

Slack is an instant messaging app your employees can use to share details with the team. It also has numerous other functions that allow your team to share files; voice call each other, and even video call individuals or the group. It also comes with excellent team management features for grouping teams, planning launches, managing projects, monitoring employee’s activity, and much more.

Teams is an application from Microsoft. It works as an instant messaging app, along with other remote work features. Your employees can voice call each other directly. With Microsoft Teams, your employees can conduct a video conference consisting of 10 to 10,000 people at once. File sharing is another hefty feature. Your employees can edit, share, and access document files, PowerPoint presentations in real-time.

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“These apps will promote effective communication and increased productivity in your new office setup.”

The Best Apps for Your Remote Work apps remote work

Cloud Communication Video by Elevate Technology

Quality video calls are as important to remote work as sending emails or messages. Video calls come with an advantage, as you can directly see your employees. With video, you can explain project details more clearly as they can see your face. Reading facial expressions is an advantage for communicating information. We recommend using a cloud service for video calling, namely Elevate.

Elevate is a cloud platform that is fully integrated for business communications. It an all-in-one solution which comprises video conferencing, screen sharing, phone system, and file management. The platform is seamless and easy to manage. Elevate comes with 24/7 expert support.

Critical features of Elevate include video conferencing and business continuity. Traditional phone service is much expensive as compared to phone systems offered by Elevate. It comes with 99.999% uptime with the automatic rerouting of calls. Your employees can leverage cloud services to their needs.

Cloud Storage – SecuriSync by Intermedia

With your employees distributed worldwide, you don’t want them to store the company’s confidential data on their local system. Data is always at risk of being stolen, and local storage is a great way for data to be hacked. Employees’ computers are constantly at risk of malicious attacks. To tackle these obstacles, we advise using cloud storage, called SecuriSync, by Intermedia.

SecuriSync comprises of three vital features; Real-time backup, file syncing and sharing, and antivirus. The primary concern of business owners is data security. All your employees’ data will be protected by Bitdefender’s antivirus and anti-malware software. Real-time backup is another handy feature and has a quick recovery from ransomware attacks. All your employees’ files are synced and can be accessed from anywhere.

Task Automation by Zapier

Automation is vital for working smart. Your employees need to automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and increase productivity. The overall costs are reduced, and employees can focus on more important tasks rather than doing repetitive tasks. Zapier is an application that helps you automate your routine tasks.

You can create zaps that are automated tasks. They consist of a trigger. This trigger does what it names states; it triggers some action. The action can be anything from sending an email to uploading an image. Zaps can connect to different apps and extract information from them to perform a specific action. Zapier has a 99.99% uptime and 24/7 customer support.


Password Manager

Employees need to have strong passwords for their local machines and their accounts online. As they have numerous accounts, it is difficult for them to have strong passwords and also remember them. How easy is it to remember fksdj8djf!9%T and r%[email protected]&? For this, we advise you to use a password manager. These password managers do all of the work for you. They come with autofill password service, which autofill’s your passwords in apps and browsers. These password managers also create strong passwords so you can use separate passwords for all of your apps.

Some useful password managers are 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, NordPass, and Lastpass. 1Password has an extra feature. It offers authentication as an addition to auto-filling passwords. Bitwarden is entirely free and open-source. It has no limits at all. Dashlane searches the dark web for your leaked information. It alerts you if any of your data is found on the dark web. All of them have distinct features, but the majority of them remain the same. All of them can be used to create and maintain strong passwords for your employees.

Project Management by Trello

This is one of the best apps for managing projects. It offers diverse methods for efficient project management. You can list tasks that are visible to both you and your employees. Your employees can move functions between boards when completed. It offers a smooth workflow for business activities. 

Trello is used for time-critical tasks. You can assign functions along with their deadlines. This way, you can increase professional productivity. With Trello, you can create different types of boards and place cards in them. These cards consist of specific tasks. Unlike traditional to-do list apps, Trello lists all your tasks in an organized list.


Using the right applications for your employees can prove very fruitful for your business. When productivity goes up so do sales and customer satisfaction. An employee also benefits from these apps, as they can perform their job better and are happier when they have the right tools to work remotely. You as an employer only need to guide your employees about these apps, and then see the productivity skyrocket.

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