Technology and the Legal Field: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine life without it. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, technology has changed the way we live. The same goes for the legal profession. Technology has transformed the way lawyers practice law.

Lawyers now use computers and mobile devices to access information, communicate with clients, and perform other tasks. They also rely on software programs to manage their cases, research case law, and create documents. As a result, lawyers need to keep up with new legal technology to remain competitive.

Here are our best recommendations for how professionals in the legal sector can stay ahead of the legal technology trend and adapt to changing times.

Get informed

The best way to get ahead of the tech curve is to just stay informed about how new technologies are impacting the legal field and legal services. You don’t have to try to turn yourself into a tech expert overnight, but you should make an effort to stay abreast of new technologies and news about how they are impacting the legal profession. Keep up with the news and pay attention when big stories come out about how technology is affecting or changing your work. The best way to keep from falling behind on legal trends is to just be aware of what they are.

There are many ways to learn about and become familiar with the latest developments in technology. Read blogs and magazines that cover technology and the legal industry. Subscribe to newsletters or follow social media accounts related to the topic. Follow industry leaders that are choosing to place their firms at the forefront of implementing new technology.

One of the most effective ways is by talking to people who already know how to use them. Find professionals who are using similar technologies and ask them questions. Professional memberships and networking groups are also a great way to talk about what is happening in the industry and gain some new perspectives on the changes that technology has and will continue to bring to the practice of law.

Stay open-minded

Many lawyers and attorneys are wary of how technology intersects with the legal profession, and with good reason! Every day you are dealing with private, sensitive information. The idea that it could be exploited because of a faulty new technology is a real concern. As you are keeping your ears open about new technologies that can advance the practice of law, it’s also in your interest to keep your own mind open as well.

You may come across information that you may react to with doubt or concern, but remain open about it as much as you can. You don’t have to rush out and employ every new legal technology that crops up. But you can be observant and carefully weigh both the benefits and downsides to a new technology that could directly impact your work.

Talk to other lawyers or law offices that are employing new technologies. Learn from their first-hand experience before you completely right off a product that could be a good solution for you. Ask if there are any problems that you might encounter while using the product. If so, ask them how they overcame those issues. This is a great way to find out whether a particular technology is worth investing time in or learning more about.

lawyers discussing the use of legal technology

Take action

If you come across a tool or technology that seems like a fantastic solution, take the next step and get a representative to give a pitch to your firm. They can give a demo of their technology and programs, answer questions in real time, and address common concerns that other firms have overcome in order to make the best use of the product.

If your firm is struggling with a high volume of busy work, then automated processes and AI research tools can help you speed this work up while maintaining accuracy. If you want to provide more accessible options and better customer service for your clients, then tools like CRM systems can help you achieve both. If you are seeing the next generation of lawyers entering the workforce and being frustrated by older systems, get their thoughts on the best steps to take to move ahead with a more tech-forward model within your firm.

You can spend hours researching and absorbing all the information out there about legal tech, but if you don’t put this new knowledge into action, then you may still get left behind. The important thing to remember is that lawyers are problem-solvers for their clients, and legal tech is one of many tools that attorneys can use to solve those problems. Legal tech is also the future of the law industry, and firms that don’t take action will quickly become left behind. Staying ahead of the legal tech curve requires a willingness to get informed, stay open-minded, and take action.


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For answers to commonly asked questions about how technology and the legal industry intersect, check out our frequently asked questions below:



What is legal tech?

Legal tech describes software and technologies that provide legal education, services, client support, or knowledge.

What are some examples of legal tech?

Legal tech covers a wide range of services, which can include: research tools and databases such as WestLaw and LexisNexis, tools that can streamline case management and document preparation, and Artificial Intelligence such as chatbots to respond to potential clients more quickly. Even technologies such as digital file submission and videoconferencing can serve as legal tech.

How can legal tech affect my practice?

Legal tech has the power to change the face of the legal industry by providing access to resources and information that were previously unavailable. It can also improve efficiency and increase productivity. In addition, legal tech allows lawyers to focus on what matters most — helping their clients.


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