Small Business Productivity Killers

These common small business productivity killers were hitting BLRB Architects.

BLRB Architects noticed some issues with their network that prompted them to contact Tech Masters. They had several issues that many small businesses face every single day.

“Throughout the work day, our network would slow down to almost a halt and we could not figure out what was causing it. After contacting Tech Masters, they suggested that we do a bandwidth analysis. Below are some of the issues that were discovered once we took them up on their proposal!

Streaming Services

“It made sense that our marketing team was uploading videos to the internet. It’s their job after all. What we weren’t expecting to find was the number of employees who were watching videos on company time! It wasn’t just videos from YouTube, either. We found that employees who streamed videos from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were causing major network slowdowns, in addition to wasting valuable work time.

“Some employees work best while listening to music. Unfortunately, music streaming services were also cutting into our bandwidth and slowing us down. Beyond this, with the help of Tech Masters, we also found that video conferences and webinars also caused slowdowns.

“The most surprising find, however, was the employee who was downloading videos illegally. This turned out to be the biggest cause of our network issues. In addition to contributing to major network slowdowns, the employee illegally downloading videos also was putting our company at risk of both legal trouble and trouble with our internet provider. Unbeknownst to us, networks that are suspected of illegally downloading videos can be shutdown if repeated offenses occur.”

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About Tech Masters

Tech Masters takes care of all your IT problems before they happen, from emails and phones, to broken computers and unreliable servers.

“Networks that are suspected of illegally downloading videos can be shutdown if repeated offenses occur.”

Cloud Storage

“Cloud storage applications also ended up being an issue for our network. We found that some virus scanners were misinterpreting the files being automatically saved to the cloud. This caused the virus scanner to repeatedly scan the files while our employees’ workstations transferred large amounts of data because the files were being sent back and forth over and over.”


“Tech Masters monitored our situation for a few weeks and came up with an amazing solution for us.  We throttled the bandwidth available to the most offending applications and ended up terminating the employee who was illegally downloading videos. Tech Masters also fixed our anti-virus settings so that the issue with cloud storage stopped. Since then, our network has worked just fine and we couldn’t be happier.

“We can’t recommend contacting Tech Masters enough!”

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