The Right Solution at the Right Time

Whether you need a hand with a large project or day-to-day management, our Tech Masters are the extra staff you need, when you need us.

Weathering the Storm

Perhaps your business is one that relies on a small but hard-working IT department that occasionally falls behind due to spikes of work, but not quite enough to justify expanding.

You might have someone on staff with other responsibilities who becomes easily overwhelmed when a crisis occurs. Maybe they struggle with networking even though they’re great with software.

Do your projects take a long time to complete due to internal staff being pulled in too many directions?

Filling in the Gaps

We have an Augmentation program that can help in many ways. When you sign up for monthly IT support or project management, you can enjoy some or all these benefits:

Let our technicians execute your projects to install new hardware or software.

Use our Project Managers to plan and deploy new technology for your business.

Use our Remote Monitor & Management tool for a wealth of features including remote access, asset management, and installed software reports.

Fast resolution of issues through Remote Control with a qualified computer technician.

Consult with over 50 years of experience on a variety of challenges for new solutions.

Give tech staff a vacation by extending your Help Desk, and help remains just a phone call away.

Have your staff focus on YOUR priorities; have regular management of complex or time-consuming must-do activities done by skilled consultants.

Customized to Your Needs

We will work closely with you to identify your strategic needs, and your existing staff for key technical details. Working together, we can ensure your expectations are exceeded, employees remain happy and productive, and your technical staff get the break they need to continue a rewarding career in your business.

In our Augmentation program we can provide a variety of services which are priced so you can get the most for your IT dollar.

·         Remote Support (Business Hours or 24X7) ·         Managed Antivirus and Web Protection
·         On-Site Support (Business Hours or 24X7) ·         Help Desk Support
·         Scheduled Cleanups ·         Server Maintenance & Updating
·         Compliance Tasks ·         Automated Computer Update & Recovery
·         Workstation & Server Cloud Backup ·         Asset Management
·         Business Continuity Planning ·         IT Project Plan Development
·         Hardware Sourcing ·         Software & Hardware Consulting
·         VPN & Branch Office Networking ·         Technology Consulting


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