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Your computer systems aren’t the only part of your business technology. From securing your business and employees, enabling communication and partnerships, to connecting everything together, Tech Masters can help.

Business Services

Phone Service

We are now offering business phone service which is really quite competitive! Voicemail in your email box, call forwarding and telecommuting! Not only can you get a full-featured and reliable phone service, but because the hosting is in the cloud, you can take your phone, and your business, anywhere!

Managed Email

We have a service product that will scour the stream of inbound email of spam and virus threats before they even reach your mail server or mailbox. Email Security is also trainable by us or your mailbox owners, so they can customize the mail they receive.

Managed Antivirus & Anti-malware

No more annoying reminders that your antivirus subscription is due for renewal, or expensive annual bills to cover all the devices in your business. Pay only for what you use, month-to-month with Managed Security and have us, your IT providers, notified immediately whenever a threat is detected.

On-Site Support

If you are experiencing a critical outage or remote support isn’t good enough, we can meet you at your business for on-site support. After-hours support is also available for a truly concierge service experience.


We strive to provide our customers with the Right Solution at the Right Time. Call us today to discuss how Tech Masters can provide you with the best technology services for your business needs.

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