Tech Masters Managed Services: exactly what you need, for one monthly fee.

Are you spending too much time on IT?

How often do you lose hours of productivity to downtime and service calls?  That translates to missed opportunities and deadlines that hurt your business and customers. Our clients can't afford to waste time and money due to inefficient technology systems. They need quick solutions that save time and money, combined with a high level of customer service.

Outsourcing could be the answer.

We specialize in bringing you the right solution at the right time. Whether you want to completely turn over IT services or just get help with a big project, we have a plan to fit your needs.



Give us a call anytime to schedule some service in your business. Need a wireless router replacement? How about an upgrade to your computer or server? Need a replacement hard drive in a workstation or a virus removed? We do all of this Computer Support and much more! Billable by the hour; some on-site service charges may apply. However, to save time and money, we offer Managed Services.

Managed Services

This is the next level of service; Managed Services means we become your IT Department. Not only to do we do the Break-Fix but we work to keep from having the “Break” in the first place. With our monitoring and maintenance programs we can often find a problem and even correct it before you knew you had it. Also, we have the tools in place to fix the issues even faster through remotely controlling your servers and workstations to provide low-cost, high-speed service and support. We customize the services for your unique business needs.

Added Services

We are always looking for new, high-value services to offer our customers to keep them profitable and productive. The additional services we offer today include:

Managed Email

We have a service product that will scour the stream of inbound email of spam and virus threats before they even reach your mail server or mailbox. Email Security is also trainable by us or your mailbox owners so they can customize the mail they receive.

Mail Archiving

Imagine if you could archive up to 10 years of email without doing anything. All incoming and outgoing mail is kept in the cloud so you can recover anything as far back as 10 years.

Managed Antivirus

No more annoying reminders that your antivirus subscription is due for renewal, or expensive annual bills to cover all the devices in your business. Pay only for what you use, month-to-month with Managed Security and have us, your IT providers, notified immediately whenever a threat is detected.

Business Phone Service

We are now offering business phone service which is really quite competitive! Not only can you get a full-featured and reliable phone service, but because the hosting is in the cloud, you can take your phone, and your business, anywhere!

So Much More…

We maintain a network of quality technology referrals and can always refer you to the best people. From website updates or replacement to branding for your business, or even custom programming.

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