Remote Support for Home and Business

Here at Tech Masters Computer Services, our great technicians are not only available to come to your home or business, but they can help you with remote support!

There’s nothing easier than getting on our website, typing in what you need help with, and having a technician call and remotely control your computer to get the problem fixed!


What Can Remote Support Do?

Here’s just a sampling of what we can do remotely – after looking at this, you may imagine many more areas to get support remotely.

Computer cleaning Express cleaning
Virus removals Scareware detections
Wi-Fi set up and troubleshooting Printer installation, troubleshooting and configuration
Outlook and email support New computer setups
Data Recovery, transfer and back up New computer purchases and consultation
Browser troubleshooting and support Home networking and file sharing

Why Is Remote Support Better?

There are many reasons that remote support is superior to other ways like telephone, on-site, or in-shop work.

Just imagine you get a popup on your computer that looks suspicious – use your cell phone to enter a ticket into our tracking system and we can look at your screen and give you the right steps to take and avoid malware or worse!

  • No need disconnect all the cords!
  • No need to haul your computer to the shop!
  • You don’t have to pay for a more expensive home visit!
  • We have professional, safe remote support tools!
  • Faster turnaround time for you!
  • Cost effective for you!

Remote Support remote support

How Does Remote Support Work?

Remote support is easier that just about any other way to get support as well. By working with you, in real-time with your computer, you can show us exactly what’s wrong. Better yet, we’re right there to answer questions, or provide education on areas you’re struggling with. Getting started is as easy as…

  1. Go to our Sign-Up Page and tell us about yourself, the challenge you are facing, and a good time to call for support.
  2. Select the type of service you need (Diagnostic, Pre-Paid, or Managed Service) and provide payment.
  3. When it comes time for your call, click on our support link you receive and await our phone call!

After you’ve signed up, future support requests are even EASIER! You will get a login to our website where you can create a ticket for service whenever you need to and we’ll already have your information to get the work done that much faster!

What Are My Remote Support Options?

Even if you don’t need support right now, you can always sign up with one of our remote support programs!

Diagnostic: For one low price we access your computer, you show us what’s wrong, we perform diagnostics and review the problems and provide you a quote to repair the problem right on the phone. We can proceed at that time or schedule the work for a later date.

Pre-Paid: Buy several remote support hours to use as you need them. Buying more hours means paying less per hour. In fact, you can pay as little as $60/hr for support!

Managed Services: By joining our support subscription, you can save even more! Pay a low monthly rate per computer and your remote support requests are covered! As an added bonus, we will provide antivirus, anti-malware, web protection, and we can alert you if your computer becomes in danger of data loss due to security or failing hardware.

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