Get to know your Tech Masters

Tech Masters is an employee-owned business led by skilled and knowledgeable experts in business and
technology. Behind all the successful businesses and technology are people and we are committed to
our people which reflects on our commitment to our client’s people. Meet the people who lead our

Wade Stewart

Founder & Managing Member
[email protected]
503-746-9670 Option 5

Wade began the company with a simple goal; providing the best technology support to local small
businesses and give back to the community. For over 6 years that simple formula has led to a great deal
of success.

As a storied technology generalist with over 25 years’ experience, Wade has provided consulting on
many projects, from the complicated to the simple, adapting to new technologies, quickly changing
them to serve the problems of the project, and delivering the training needed for people to effectively
use them.

Stewart’s entrepreneurial spirit shows through the building of Tech Masters. Learning and adapting to
marketing and business management knowledge and turning those successes into opportunities to
teach other business owners to build their own profitable ventures.

Learning. Building. Teaching.

Marie Stewart

Business Manager
[email protected]

Serving as both business manager to Tech Masters as well as co-owner of her own bookkeeping and tax
business (Sound Accounts), the entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in the Stewart family.

Marie helped Wade early on with her degree and business experience in Human Resources and Business
Management. She continues in these roles as she grows her own business, and advises our tech staff on
Quickbooks support as well as other accounting software packages.

Matthew Brownell

Senior Systems Engineer
[email protected]
503-746-9670 Option 4

Matthew’s dedication to doing great work quickly propelled him in the tech roles he’s taken on through
the positions he’s held. He dives right into the thick of the technology he works with and has a passion
for helping people.

His positive attitude and mentoring of the staff members that report to him have highlighted his
leadership skills and he continues to excel as a leader of Tech Masters.

Brownell embraces the challenge of creating technology solutions for clients, with a keen eye on
maintaining the productivity and success of the business. His vision for how a solution contributes to the
improvement of the organization is realized time and time again.

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