About Us

We are an employee-owned business led by skilled and knowledgeable experts. Behind all the successful businesses and technology are people and we are committed to our people which reflects on our commitment to our client’s people.

About Us

IT Consulting Since 1998

Our managing member, Wade Stewart, worked for more than 20 years in IT support for some of the largest technology companies in the world. He found that many IT support businesses overcharged for poor quality work and were not responsive to requests for IT help.

He left the corporate world to provide the IT support that small businesses owners deserve. 

We Reject Unbalanced Relationships

The model of IT support for small business has been what’s called “break fix”. When a problem occurs, IT support is called, and the problem (hopefully) is resolved. The bill is paid, and the relationship ends until the next issue.

The relationship is unbalanced. There’s no reason the IT support business should PREVENT the issue from recurring, only that the issue is corrected for now. For a true partnership, there should be a need to prevent issues from recurring, and in fact, preventing issues from occurring in the first place whenever possible.

Managed IT Services Are Key

In 2012 the business began as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Managed Services provides certain kinds of assistance as part of a flat monthly fee paid by the client. The assistance is to correct issues. Therefore, there is a strong benefit for the Managed Service provider to ensure problems don’t occur since repeating issues will cost more than the monthly fee.

We chose this model because it inherently fosters a strong, lasting relationship, which is important to the business success of both the Managed Service provider as well as the client.

Giving Back to the Community

The goal of Tech Masters is to provide quality support from highly trained and knowledgeable technicians. These technicians are compensated well for their work and in turn become contributors to the local economy. In addition to this, Tech Masters regularly contributes to local charities which improve the quality of life of several groups of disadvantaged community members.

Our commitment to a healthy and happy community shows through in everything we do.

Meet The Team

Meet Us it support tacoma

Wade Stewart

Founder & Managing Member
[email protected]
833-648-6724 Extension 100

Wade began the company with a simple goal; providing the best technology support to local small businesses and give back to the community. For over 6 years that simple formula has led to a great deal of success.

As a storied technology generalist with over 25 years’ experience, Wade has provided consulting on many projects, from the complicated to the simple, adapting to new technologies, quickly changing them to serve the problems of the project, and delivering the training needed for people to effectively use them.

Stewart’s entrepreneurial spirit shows through the building of Tech Masters. Learning and adapting to marketing and business management knowledge and turning those successes into opportunities to teach other business owners to build their own profitable ventures.

Learning. Building. Teaching.

Meet Us it support tacoma

Marie Stewart

Business Manager
[email protected]

Serving as both business manager to Tech Masters as well as co-owner of her own bookkeeping and payroll business (Sound Accounts), the entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in the Stewart family.

Marie helped Wade early on with her degree and business experience in Human Resources and Business Management. She continues in these roles as she grows her own business, and advises our tech staff on Quickbooks support as well as other accounting software packages.

Meet Us it support tacoma


What Our Clients Say

You provide exceptional service and are proactive in planning for our business. As a CPA firm, we rely heavily on our computer systems and you provide excellent IT support for our business. We highly recommend!

Nicole Fisher

Jeff Baker & Associates

I can’t say enough about this company. They are so professional and helpful. We had a computer crash and within 2 hours we had our computer fixed with no data lost. They are just the most knowledgeable, helpful, kindest people we have ever worked with.

Bob and Sue Fagering

Bob Fagering Appraisals

I’ve worked with Wade for eight years and could always count on him. He has a wide-ranging expertise and approaches all tasks, big or small, with a very positive attitude. Wonderful person to work with and nice to have on a team.

Kit Burns


Let’s face it, IT to most of us is boring and a little bit Greek. I have in the last 3 years dealt with probably 4 different employees in different settings and all of them have been able to explain it in a way that makes sense. I strongly recommend them.

Dr. Curt Oland

Soundview Eyecare

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