managed security technicians in server room doing a small business server migration as part of a managed services program

Managed Services

managed services dashboard showing health and statistics from computers on the network

Managed services offer a layered approach to security. A door isn’t always enough to keep people out, so we create locks. Locks can be broken, so we create security systems. Just because we have a security system, doesn’t mean we don’t have a door. Each component works with the others to help guarantee security. It’s all part of a layered approach that helps keep us safe.

When so much of our business is connected to the computer; even just a laptop can be the open door for strangers to enter our business. You can’t afford to have that little protection, so here’s some layers to consider in your security strategy.

You can finally rest assured that you don’t have to teach your IT technician how to use your special hardware or software.  We document your technology, the best support methods, and get to the business of helping rather than hindering you!

We work with you to determine the best plan for your environment and your budget. Special attention on the systems critical to keeping your business moving.

Best of all this program is a fixed cost. You pay one regular recurring monthly charge, based on the number of devices covered, regardless of the number of service requests you make. New hardware, server deployments or other migrations may not be included. Please call for details.

Telephone & Email Help Desk Support

Our managed services clients get our 800 number which has monitoring 24×7. You will get forwarded to a technician or get a technician callback immediately. You will also get access to our support web portal which you can register a problem directly into our system and browse knowledge base articles for self-help if needed.


As a Managed Services customer, we provide you with over 60 years IT experience to help you plan for your business needs. Determining the best hardware and software. Working with you to find the best internet service options for your location. Coming up with a business continuity plan to meet your disaster recovery and compliance needs. In our ongoing relationship you enjoy reduced or even free rates on this valuable service.

On-Site Support

If you are experiencing a critical outage or remote support isn’t good enough, we can meet you at your business for on-site support. After-hours support is also available for a truly concierge service experience.

Computer & Software Proactive Updates & Patches

Updates to technology come out all the time, and many of these updates are incredibly important. Recent malware threats are being regarded as “0-day” meaning they are problems being exploited even before the updates come out to address them.

This “0-day” malware spreads so quickly and preys on small businesses that don’t have the staff or time to keep these things up to date. With a preventative maintenance plan you won’t be one of those businesses, and you’ll be able to do it without the significant cost of staff on site.

Keeping computers updated with the most recent secure software, and getting manufacturer security updates is critical to keeping your business safe.

Network & Server Monitoring

We monitor your technology devices remotely for problems and when something looks wrong, we alert you as soon as possible.

We also monitor your internet services, such as website, email, file sharing and others. Once a problem arises, we can contact your service vendor on your behalf. We own the issue, and are able to quickly and effectively communicate the problem based on our knowledge of your systems.

Monitoring reduces your costs when troubles arise. Without it, you might not know there is a problem that is going to impact your business, and it will take time to get someone to fix it. Time is money and addressing issues quickly, means the more money you keep!

Regular Device Maintenance

Computers don’t run fast forever. They slow down over time due to old software installs hanging around, old updates that aren’t needed, and even some adware which might start degrading performance. We do regular maintenance on your computer to help maintain the best performance your computer is capable of.

Email Hosting with Threat Filtering

We get your email services into the cloud where you can get the robust services a Microsoft Exchange server can offer. Also, we provide you with a huge amount of storage – over 4 TB (that’s Terabytes) of space to store email.

Included in that is active threat and spam filtering. Constant active filtering updates provide protection against the latest spam techniques and viral attacks.

Centrally Managed Security Software for Computers & Servers

No more messages from antivirus companies for renewals. Required software upgrades? Gone. Wondering if your antivirus is actually up to date? No more. We actively install, update and monitor your antivirus solution on your computers and servers.

With central management, we stay connected. If a computer is hacked and the antivirus is disabled, we get a notification in less than 15 minutes. Your antivirus updates are behind, we get a daily update. One of your computers finds a virus, we get a notification and can follow up to make sure there aren’t others.

Web Filtering

Web filtering not only helps avoid going to unproductive websites, but today’s filters are even more intelligent and prevent people from going to dangerous websites and other malicious threats. Some of the latest ransomware comes in pieces, and when assembled form the malicious software. A good web filter can recognize when the computer is trying to download these pieces and stop the attack in its tracks.

Security Training Programs

The majority of attacks come through employees. Opening a malicious email, using a strange flash drive in their computer, even browsing an apparently innocent website can wreak havoc.

We send simple tips about suspicious email, proper file usage and even help you design an internet usage policy which can save thousands of dollars. Training should be a part of an organization’s strategy against accidental infection and costly recovery. Our quarterly reminders and short annual class can work wonders.

Bundled Services for more Savings

Add on services to your Managed Services plan to get bundled discounts. The list of possible items includes:

  • Workstation Cloud Backup
  • Server Cloud Backup
  • Email Hosted Exchange
  • Automatic Email Box Archiving
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Business Phone Service
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • And more!

Call 833-648-6724 today to learn if your business qualifies for this comprehensive solution.