IT Managed Services

For a low monthly fee we will handle all your small business IT through managed services.
Our job is to make sure you never even know there’s a problem.

Managed IT

Managed Services

Your business relies on technology to keep serving your clients. When your printer is broken or a laptop suddenly stops working, what do you do? You don’t do work, that’s for sure! Excessive downtime can cost you dearly if it keeps happening.

Tech Masters Managed IT Services handles everything for you, keeping your system running no matter what. We manage all your IT, silently troubleshooting in the background. Our job is to make sure you don’t even know that potential IT problems even exist.

Your technology just works. All the time.

Best of all this program is a fixed monthly cost. You pay one recurring monthly charge, based on the number of devices covered, regardless of the number of service requests you make, and Tech Masters takes care of the rest.

Telephone & Email Help Desk Support

Proactive Software Updates & Patches

Network & Server Monitoring

Regular Device Maintenance

On-Site Support

Complete Services Plan

Your IT services plan doesn’t have to be confusing. We perform proactive monitoring and maintenance with an MSP subscription model that’s included in special low monthly rates.

The MSP subscription model includes support calls – things within our control to prevent, like viruses and computer & network performance. This includes consulting tasks such as evaluating software and hardware choices. You don’t pay hourly for this kind of support. This also reduces the likelihood of a support call, keeping you and your employees productive.

We partner with your business so that we use what we learn about your business to recommend the best upgrades and improvements, and these kinds of projects are performed for a discounted hourly rate.

Our antivirus product is the best in the industry – Endpoint Detection & Recovery (EDR). Combining not just antivirus protection, but automatic active recovery. Not only are threats detected, but they are neutralized upon detection. Files changed or added are corrected real-time by EDR, keeping you working.

We also include a web protection feature which prevents access to websites that are known threats, and can be customized to your needs to prevent access by employees to websites and content you feel is inappropriate during business hours.


What Our Clients Say

You provide exceptional service and are proactive in planning for our business. As a CPA firm, we rely heavily on our computer systems and you provide excellent IT support for our business. We highly recommend!

Nicole Fisher

Jeff Baker & Associates

I can’t say enough about this company. They are so professional and helpful. We had a computer crash and within 2 hours we had our computer fixed with no data lost. They are just the most knowledgeable, helpful, kindest people we have ever worked with.

Bob and Sue Fagering

Bob Fagering Appraisals

I’ve worked with Wade for eight years and could always count on him. He has a wide-ranging expertise and approaches all tasks, big or small, with a very positive attitude. Wonderful person to work with and nice to have on a team.

Kit Burns


Let’s face it, IT to most of us is boring and a little bit Greek. I have in the last 3 years dealt with probably 4 different employees in different settings and all of them have been able to explain it in a way that makes sense. I strongly recommend them.

Dr. Curt Oland

Soundview Eyecare

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