How Managed Antivirus Software Protects Your Business

The easy way to keep your company data free from hackers and scammers

Companies all over the world lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to hackers, so finding a way to eliminate those attacks is crucial. How do you protect your business from digital threats?

If you use a managed antivirus, you will find it a lot easier to tackle all these potential challenges and ensure that everything works the way you expect.

What are managed antivirus services?

Antivirus software helps you find and eliminate malware threats on your computers and network. The antivirus software company collects new data about threats and builds a virus database so that your software is always alert ot the latest problems. This approach is called unmanaged antivirus protection because you can still deny updates, remove the antivirus software, or just stop its functions.

A managed antivirus is remotely controlled by IT experts who take care of the service for you. The IT professionals will install the software; which updates automatically, runs pre-scheduled scans, and those results are professionally analyzed. If any serious infections arise the IT expert can take immediate action to resolve it. 

Your employees don’t have to do anything as the entire process is fully automated behind the scenes. It’s one less thing to worry about, but it’s a big relief since a virus could be catastrophic for your business.

Why companies need managed antivirus protection

Hackers use malware attacks to relentlessly attack businesses. That’s a fact. While you can’t control the amount of attacks, the right managed antivirus protection big you peace of mind in the following ways:

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“Hackers use malware attacks to relentlessly attack your business.”

Same level of security on all systems

Managed antivirus software implements the same level of security on all of the systems in a business. When all systems in on your network have the same level of security, it is easier to update and manage them. When you apply for a managed service from an IT provider, they take the responsibility to implement the same security measures on each and every computer. Thus, whenever a new policy is defined or a new system is introduced, the same level of security is upgraded on each system.

In this way, the managed antivirus software provider ensures that all the systems are secured through this software and none of them is unprotected. Whenever a new update arrives, it is installed on every computer for added security.

Easier to manage, thus provide enhanced protection to your business

The best way through which a managed antivirus software protects your business is that it is fully handled by the service provider or techs. Suppose you are running a company and just installed the antivirus software on all of the computers in your company. Then, you will be the only one who have to manage this software on all computers for securing your company data. There would be times when you would fail to manage these due to busy schedules or pressure of other tasks. Suppose that you only delayed an update for a single day and the hackers attacked on your system on the same day. What would happen? A delay of one day in upgrading your antivirus software would cause greater losses to your business.

In order to stay safe and protected from such incidents, the managed antivirus software is here. No matter how much busy you are, you wouldn’t have to worry upgrading. The IT provider and its techs will do this job for you. They will routinely monitor and manage this on all of your systems and make it easy for you.


How Managed Antivirus Software Protects Your Business from Hackers managed antivirus

Cost-effective solutions for protecting your business

When we compare the cost of buying antivirus software for the whole company, the managed antivirus software is cheaper. The yearly average cost of other antivirus software is greater than the managed antivirus software. These managed antivirus software comes with monthly packages for the company and each company is considered as a single user. Due to this, the same level of security with antivirus protection is implemented or installed on each system. in contrast, the other antivirus software need to be paid individually for each system, not in a package for multiple systems.

It protects your business through continuous management

Another amazing way through which the managed antivirus software protects your business against hackers is through continuous management. Suppose that you have installed random antivirus software on different computers in your company. Most of the time, you fail to manage them and sometimes, may uninstall them by getting irritated from continuous system upgradation alerts. As a result, your computers become more prone to the attacks by hackers.

In contrast, a managed antivirus software cannot be uninstalled by you and thus, the techs keep managing them on continual basis. Through continuous management and antivirus protection, they keep protecting the confidential data of your business from any illegal access from hackers. Thus, this is actually the best thing or best feature of a managed antivirus software that it cannot be uninstalled easily by you. 


“Managed antivirus software immediately recognizes the suspicious activity.

They keep detecting any suspicious activity, and thus, provide greater security

As a result of continuous upgrade and installing updates, your business will enjoy greater security and protection. The IT providers and technicians for managed antivirus software stay busy in ensuring the complete security of your business systems. In this way, whenever someone’s try to access your confidential data, the managed antivirus software immediately recognizes this suspicious activity. Not only they block or restrict this illegal or unauthorized access but also block this user. Further, they also send the alert notifications to the IT providers and technicians so that they can implement any other security solutions if they want.

In contrast, you may fail to stay alert or get notified to any suspicious activity if your random antivirus software is not managed well. As a result, you would have to face the worst consequences in the form of losing your confidential information. Thus, it is always recommended to use the managed antivirus software from an authorized provider to protect your business from hackers.

Isn’t this expensive

Another great benefit is that managed antivirus solutions can be very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of removing malware or a virus. Once you understand what you solutions you may need, the return on investment will be nothing short of extraordinary.

It’s great to have a peace of mind knowing that your IT system is handled adequately and everything works the way you want. No one wants to deal with virus attacks and malware on their company computers. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to work with managed antivirus professionals because they will set up everything and handle the process without you having to worry about any downsides.

If you’re looking for professional managed antivirus services, Tech Masters is here to help. We offer high-quality managed antivirus protection and related IT services. Everything is customized to your business. Contact us today and let us help you protect your business against any type of malware attacks at the best prices on the market!

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