Increase Your Office Productivity With These Three Apps

Three free apps to help with your productivity!

Improving your productivity and taking it to that next level is not as simple as you might imagine. There are lots of things that need to fall into place for you and your employees to operate at peak efficiency in the office.

Eating healthy, sleeping well, and having the right tools at your disposal are all critical to success. We might not be able to help you eat better or sleep more soundly, but here are three apps to help with productivity in your workplace!

Team Collaboration: Trello

Trello is a great productivity tool that makes it easy to connect with all team members while assigning tasks and tracking their progress in real time. You can even choose to prioritize a particular task and every task’s importance can be modified accordingly as members of your team complete tasks.

You can easily customize every task the way you want. Tasks can have due dates, attachments and comments. Team members can give comments and ideas on every task and they can even add files to show progress too. It’s the ultimate collaboration tool and one that helps boost your project to that next level in a way that really matters.

Trello also integrates with a wide range of other productivity tools. It has support for Evernote, Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, and more. Basically, you can use it as the ultimate tool to manage projects and handle them professionally with the utmost attention to detail. You will appreciate the tremendous quality and value brought to the table in a masterfully design UI.

Trello is always in sync, so you can communicate and collaborate with your team in real time. Trello is great for small and large teams.


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Scheduling: Google Calendar

Increase Your Office Productivity With These Three Apps small business productivity

Another task many business professionals have trouble with is scheduling. Keeping track of meetings and deadlines can be quite the chore. And if you add in events or any other tasks, then you will find it extremely hard to keep track of every commitment. What Google Calendar does here is it provides you with a dedicated calendar where you can easily include and manage all tasks with great ease. The true benefit provided by this tool is that it’s extremely easy to adapt to your own requirements.

You can customize it on the spot and to make things even better, it’s already integrated with many other productivity services and all Google Services. So you will be notified on your phone if needed, not to mention you can highlight tasks by importance and so on. You can try Google Calendar today for free.


 Time Saving: RescueTime

Increase Your Office Productivity With These Three Apps small business productivity

The third and final tool in our productivity guide is RescueTime. What this tool does is it helps you identify where you are wasting time and what activities are not giving you a good return on investment. The idea here is to see what apps and websites are distracting you. RescueTime has a unique way of figuring out all of that on its own. It automatically tracks what apps are open and it will create a report with how much time you spent in every app.

This helps a lot because it gives a visual representation of how your time at work is spent. And the great thing about all of this is that these reports are detailed. You get to see all the information and it runs securely in the background. After opening it up, you just need to start working and that’s it. RescueTime will automatically track the time spent on websites and applications, making it easy to see exactly how much time you spend really working.

The real use of RescueTime is not in tracking as much as it is alerting you. You can set limits on how long you can spend on certain websites or using certain programs. Have a problem spending too much time answering emails? Set a RescueTime alert for 30 minutes a day. RescueTime goes even further by allowing you to block distracting websites.

The dedicated RescueTime log is very comprehensive. And once you start tracking how much you work, it will allow you to keep your work time in check to help you ensure you’re getting everything you need to done. It gives you a way to become even more productive since you get to see when and how you are wasting your time.


Using these three productive apps is just the first stop on your journey to becoming a hyper-productive employee. If your small business’ office is suffering from a distinct lack of productivity, having the right technology in place to ensure you’re getting the most out of your office hours is essential. Consider hiring a IT company to help not only protect your company from hackers and online baddies, but also to setup the right technology solutions to help your company remain as productive as it can!

Tech Masters has over a decade of experience in helping company’s to get the most out of their technology while protecting them from a myriad of online threats. Stay protected and stay productive today by reaching out to Tech Masters for your consultation.

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