Effectively Using Your Company’s Technology

7 ways to get the most out of your company’s technology!

Computers, smart phones, servers, networks, and tablets are all forms of technology that are essential to the functioning of any modern small business. 

But many companies fail to use the full power of emerging technologies. Here’s what your company can do to make sure you don’t fall victim to the technology trap and ensure your company gets the most out of your technology.

1. Buy What You Need
When buying technology, it’s important to understand your companies specific need before you buy it. Asking yourself ‘What do we need this technology for?’ is the best way to start out.

Will you be checking email, looking up products, running a special program or database, editing video or photos, or just communicating via social media?

How long do you intend to use this technology?

The more questions and answers you can ask before buying, the better you will understand what capabilities and requirements the technology you’re looking to buy needs to be able to meet. Length of time can guide decisions on data capacity and/or active memory storage. Durability can change what material the technology can be made with.

Don’t forget this technology needs to be enjoyable to use – especially if you are adopting something new. You need to want to use it. If it becomes a chore, you won’t enjoy what you’re doing. Pick something effective, fun, and ergonomic!

2. Understand How It Works

To get the most out of your technology, it’s essential to understand it well. You should know not just what the buttons do, but some of the basics about the features the technology comes with. Taking pictures, making screenshots, sending an email with the content attached, even properly turning it off and on again can be very simple, yet essential tasks to understand. Thoroughly understanding the technology your company purchases can really improve the value of the technology you’ve purchased. 


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    When buying technology, it’s important to understand your companies specific need before you buy it.

    3. Safeguard It
    Whether it’s keeping the laptop in the trunk versus the back seat, installing antivirus, or not holding your smartphone in front of you while on public transportation, you should always be mindful of safeguarding your technology.

    Theft of the device or your personal information can be easily avoided with preparation, situational awareness and common sense. Losing hardware or data can mean hefty costs, repairs, and security measures. 

    4. Keep It Updated
    Updates to your technology can be a pain. They can take you away from getting real work done and can be a little difficult at times. However, updates deliver security fixes, feature improvements, and in some cases brand new functionality you’ve never had before.

    Security fixes can help prevent attacks on your system, feature improvements can make essential functionalities that much more effective in meeting your needs, and brand new functionalities can bring in a whole host of new ways to harness your company’s tech to work best for you.

    5. Choose The Right Add Ons
    The technology you choose rarely comes with everything you need to achieve your goals. Sometimes you need some software or an external device to use in tandem with it to fully utilize your technology’s capabilities. Take your time and choose the right add on for the job.

    For example, many free apps have hidden unwanted features that can actually compromise your security. You might even purchase something with isn’t compatible with your technology. Make sure to ask questions and don’t be apprehensive because you don’t fully understand the technology. Buying from someone who cares about your success is the best investment.

    6. Clean It Up

    Good care and maintenance will extend the lifespan of your technology. Removing temporary files, making sure that air filters stay clean, fully removing apps you no longer use, and working in line with manufacturer’s guidance can actually turn your investment into a money making machine when it exceeds its lifespan! Technology that is kept well can often work months if not years past where poorly kept tech will. Given the cost and time it takes to purchase, setup, and integrate new technology after needing to replace poorly kept hardware, it is in your company’s best interest to ensure all of your technology is kept in tip top shape.



    How to Get the Most Out of Your Company's Technology company's technology

    7. Know When To Let Go
    Although, keeping your company’s technology in good condition can help increase it’s lifespan – which can benefit your company’s bottom line — ultimately, all technology becomes obsolete. Sometimes that obsolescence sneaks up on you. Worse yet, some hardware and software aren’t upgradable, and you must start over again if you let a generation pass you by. 

    Obsolete technology isn’t just an annoyance, it can be an impending security risk too! Infact, many computer software errors that hackers commonly exploit are found in obsolete software still present on many company computers. Be aware of the telltale signs of obsolescence. You might find that some updates aren’t working anymore, or you get an alert from a manufacturer or developer that a new version is being released. Take a few minutes to read the fine print – you may need to start making plans for another technology investment. 

    Ensuring your company is getting the most out of your technology might not always be the easiest or cheapest process. However, technology is an investment. It’s an investment that if done correctly can increase your company’s and employees effectiveness and overall productivity. If you’re looking for help in ensuring your company’s tech investments are as effective as they can be, Tech Masters is here to help. We have decades of experience in all things IT Tech, including making sure your company’s like yours are getting the most out of their technology!

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