From HIPAA compliance issues to secure networks and proper handling of patient information, Tech Masters will help you avoid security breaches and reduce fines.


Dangers of Managing Healthcare IT 

Are you sure that your staff members are up-to-date on the latest HIPAA requirements? Are you absollutely sure that you are handling patient information in compliance with the latest regulations? Is your network secured, data encrypted, and are your processes in place to prevent a breach?

Non-compliance with the latest HIPAA laws and non-secure patient info can lead to serious consequences such as heavy fines and even loss of insurance.

Tech Masters has decades of healthcare and HIPAA compliance experience. Our employees have worked for local healthcare provider networks, and understand the technology and processes you need to keep your organization safe.

Unsecure Patient Health Info

HIPAA Non-Compliance

Crippling Fines

Loss of Insurance

How We Help Your Clinic/Practice

We will help you serve more patients and avoid fines by streamlining your IT and providing up-to-date training on the latest HIPAA compliance regulations.

Your clinic or practice should focus on serving your patients, not on regulations or IT problems. We can support you 24/7, making sure you don’t have to worry about technology or breaches.

  • Employee Training – Even the most expensive IT system will fail without proper training of staff. Our interactive online training and testing makes sure that your staff members understand the latest compliance regulations inside and out.
  • Local Encryption – We will ensure that all local data is encrypted and secured. This includes a management system for all your encryption keys, avoiding accidental breaches.
  • Secured Networks & Monitoring – Your network will be safe from outside attacks and we will monitor for suspicious activity.
  • Managed Services – When Tech Masters handles all of your IT in addition to compliance training, you can rest easy that your organization is in good hands. We deliver a rapid response to your urgent support needs through secure remote access to equipment.

On-call technicians are available to address any concerns you have and even arrive on-site if needed. We carry several key spare parts, including computers, network equipment, and even a server if it is necessary.

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs and how we can make IT work for you and your patients.

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