Google Workspace Applications: Powerful Tools for Productivity and Communication

Our work and communications are continually evolving. The continuity and success of our in-house operations, our remote work, our long-distance collaboration, and our innovation require the best technologies and tools. We need to stay organized, share our ideas with ease, connect instantly, write, design, create, and manage our team with confidence. 

One of the best places we can turn to solve these problems is Google Workspace. With its wide range of practical, powerful, and easy-to-use applications, you’ll find a solution for just about everything. From the storage and practicality of Google Drive to the simplicity and collaborative nature of Google Docs, and every product in-between, like Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Forms, Google Voice, Google Classroom, and more, these respected organizational tools and creative programs increase both team and individual productivity, and the power of your communication. 

If you’re thinking about signing up for Google Workspace, or just hoping to learn more about everything they offer, this article should give you a solid overview of Google’s many tools and productivity management options. Let’s look into it now. 


What is Google Workspace?

Formerly known as Google Suite, Google Workspace, is indeed, a full suite of digital productivity and communication apps offered by Google, and accessible for both individuals and organizations. These applications meet a variety of needs and provide solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits around the world every day. 

With straightforward pricing and the ability to scale up your services as your business grows, Google Workspace is often the productivity foundation for countless organizations. We’ve created a list of some of Google’s most important and helpful tools, to get you started or expand what you’re already using. Don’t overlook these affordable and helpful programs. 


Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution which allows you to save and access files from anywhere in the world and from several devices. Google Drive is an essential tool and foundation for several other apps in the Google suite of options.

Google Drive seamlessly integrates with other apps like Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, and you can save a range of file types, like audio, video, photos, and documents. Imagine never losing your files, keeping them organized, and working with others through the same platform.


Google Docs

First released in 2006 and one of the most widely used apps by individuals and businesses, Google Docs is a powerful web-based word processor, allowing you to upload, edit, create, and store important documents. Collaborate in real time with other members of your team, accessing the same document simultaneously, or separately whenever it’s convenient.

Google Docs auto-saves frequently, so you don’t have to worry about your computer shutting down before you’ve saved your changes. As long as you have an internet connection and your user name and password, you can access your documents from any device. 

You can also control who sees your work and who can make changes by choosing your own privacy settings. You can allow certain people to view the document but not make changes. While others can view and edit. It’s completely up to you. Create, edit, share, and accomplish more with one of the industry’s most trusted word processing programs. 

Business owner couple enjoying Google Workspace together


Yep, we get it…you already know about Gmail, right? Well, some of you may not understand just how easy it is to sign up, use, or manage email from Google’s online communication service. It just takes a few minutes to sign up, create an email address, and begin sending and receiving mail. 

Gmail itself is free to use. But as a business owner, you’ll need to subscribe to Google Workspace to give multiple individuals access to Google’s apps and services. See pricing below.


Google Meet

Originally born from Google Hangout, Google Meet is a conferencing tool, similar to Zoom, that enables users to organize, lead, and take part in audio and video conferences with other individuals. Amazingly, Google Meet is free to use and compatible with Android and iOS. 

Google Meet is free to use, but some features are only available to active subscribers of Google Workspace. Google Meet offers seamless conferencing for businesses day or night, or a fun way to connect with friends and family no matter where you might be. 


Google Voice

Businesses need reliable, affordable ways to communicate with their customers, their partners, and their staff. This is where Google Voice comes in. Google Voice is a voice over internet protocol, or VoIP phone service available to anyone using Workspace. It allows you to make and receive calls, send text messages, manage voicemail, and much more. 

No special phones are required since Google Voice is an app or program on your device. You answer or make calls in the app, along with managing your communications and adjusting your settings all in the same place. 

Depending on the features you need, Voice ranges from $10 to $30 per month per user. It’s important to only purchase what you need to keep costs down. Compared to other VoIP services, Google Voice is one of the more affordable options for small business owners. 


Google Sheets

Need to produce some spreadsheets for a presentation, a meeting, for your own sanity? Google Sheets can help. A simple tool allowing you to create a variety of spreadsheets directly in your web browser with no additional software, this tool is a must for so many businesses. You can work simultaneously with several people and see changes immediately. 

As long as you have Google Workspace, you have Google Sheets, as it’s one of several apps that come standard with your subscription. Get your information organized with awesome spreadsheets and have your docs ready for every meeting with Google Sheets. 

Business owner using Google Workspace applications

Google Calendar

Planning, scheduling, appointments, parties, meetings, date nights, kid’s events, interviews, never forget a single one and keep them all in one place. Google Calendar is a fully integrated online calendar and appointment scheduling app that allows you to create and schedule several different types of events and access them all with the same calendar app. 

Set reminders for yourself days, hours, or minutes before your event begins. Easily move events around, create to-do lists or important tasks. Change times and details, and share your calendar with others. You can make a group calendar if you want your entire team to have access to important dates, ask for days off, set up meetings, or collaborate.

You can even create and share a group calendar with your family or tight-knit group of friends so you can stay up to date on important group events, individual appointments the whole group might want to support, and much more. You simply can’t go without a good calendar these days. And Google Calendar is one of the best around. Thankfully, it’s all in the Cloud, so you’ll never misplace or damage your calendar again. 


Google Slides

It’s time for an easy-to-use app that allows you to create powerful slideshows and memorable presentations. With multiple visual controls, presenter view, live captions, and speaker notes, Google Slides gives you exactly what you need to create and share professional slideshows for any audience. 

Google Slides is connected to other Google apps like Charts, so you can import documents from other Google functions for use in your visual presentations. Slides is available to all Google Workspace users. 


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a wonderful tool that can make teaching and learning easier, more seamless, and more enjoyable. Google Classroom is a free web-based learning platform where teachers can create curriculum, share materials and assignments, plan, and run a classroom online. It simplifies and empowers teacher-student collaboration because it is integrated with Google Workspace’s other programs like Google Docs, Sheets, Charts, Slides, and Meet. 

With all these tools close at hand, teachers using Google Classroom can stay organized, share information, and communicate effectively to any student or group. Instructors can access customizable grading systems based on different parameters, like total points, category, and more. 

Send updates and announcements to class members, facilitate discussions, and conduct live classes with ease. You don’t even have to be a teacher to use this fantastic program. Anyone with a Google Workspace account can access Google Classroom. Take full advantage of this feature-rich program and take your teaching to the next level. 


Google Workspace Pricing

Pricing is simplified with four service levels. Beginning with Business Starter at just $6 per month per user and 30GB of storage, this is a great option for solo entrepreneurs or businesses with a few people on staff. Next we have the most popular plan, Business Standard, at just $12 per month per user, includes 2TB of storage and more options. Next, there is Business Plus at $18 per month per user and 5TB of storage. Lastly, we have Google’s customized Enterprise plans. These vary in price and service offerings. You can discuss Enterprise options with an official Google representative. 


In Closing

Google certainly has more apps to offer you than what we’ve profiled here. And their list is constantly growing. The key takeaway is that Google Workspace has a tool for nearly every daily business need, and a plan that any business owner can afford. Plus, you don’t have to fool around with apps from several different companies. The entire suite of programs is in one place, and many of them are connected with one another. 

If you want a strong, all-in-one solution for business productivity, business communication, and business presentations, look no further than Google Workspace, a superb partner for individuals and organizations around the world. 


Tech Masters brings increased efficiency and greater productivity to business owners in every field, with individually tailored IT and tech management service plans. Contact us today to learn how much better business can be with Tech Masters by your side, and find out how to qualify for our 3 Month Free Service Trial with our Enterprise MSP Program. 

To learn more about Google Workspace, check out our frequently asked questions below.





What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is Google’s complete suite of productivity and communication tools. With a simple subscription you can access a range of programs that let you create documents, design spreadsheets and charts, teach classes, conduct online meetings, collaborate in real time on documents and projects, make phone calls, save various kinds of data in the cloud, and so much more. 


Is Google Workspace the best choice for a small business owner?

Every business is different, and every business owner prefers different tools to get the job done. There are countless software and web-based programs from multiple producers available today. You may find a combination of these is what best fits your needs. 

However, Google Docs simplifies the entire process by including apps for just about everything, and makes them available in one place. This fully integrated and easy-to-use process helps Google Workspace stand apart from the crowd. Plus, you’ll benefit from paying one low, monthly fee to access everything in their suite. 


Is Google Workspace good for teams or just for individuals?

Google Workspace’s range of applications works equally well for individuals and organizations. With most programs already integrated with one another, and Google’s dedication to simplified communication channels, solo business owners or large companies can use Google’s powerful workspace to get organized, create memorable presentations, work with others, and manage daily operations with confidence. 








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