Complete Service Plan

It’s not always easy to see the immense value you get from IT services. Tech Masters has created a plan that simplifies the services you receive with pricing so easy that won’t make you scratch your head. We just charge you for what we do, when we do it!



Fewer Problems, Faster Resolutions

Your business works best when you can get work done with your computer.

It stands to reason that some effort up front to secure and protect computers, servers, and networks means fewer problems.

We cover the things which are in our control to prevent, like viruses, and offer a discounted hourly rate for changes you need like new computers and software.

That security starts with our FIPS 140-2 Compliant (Federal Information Processing Standard) remote monitoring and maintenance tools (including antivirus, anti-malware and Endpoint Detection & Recovery).

Get more work done

Save money on IT

Prevent attacks

Keep your IT secure

I would like to express my personal appreciation to the Tech Masters team for your excellent customer support, especially during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns. Your timely responses have made our technical issues far easier to cope with.

Adriano Pantino

Accountant, Premier Transport Inc.

Consulting, Maintenance, and Repair

Got a quick question or need some advice on what technology to get? With our plans you pay nothing extra for these questions and consultations.

We maintain and repair your computers, networks and servers in their current state. These services are directly covered in the plan and you pay nothing additional for them. That includes installing updates, recovering files from a backup, improving performance, labor to replace a hard drive, removing a new virus, or reinstalling some problem software.

Projects & Hardware

Moves, Adds or Changes are Projects, and not covered under the plan, but we will perform the work at an hourly rate. Each plan has a different rate. Hardware is not covered under the plan. Projects include installing new software, adding a computer, upgrading your network devices, moving a computer,

Monthly Service Plans 

Per Device, Minimum 5 Devices

Discounts Available

Off Monthly Plan

Over 60 Devices


Over 100 Devices


Use Auto-Pay


Optional Services

Each Monthly

Workstation Cloud Backup


Server Cloud Backup


Office 365 Essentials Email Hosting


Cloud File Sharing (Unlimited storage/user)


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and more)



Response Time: We will respond to your request within 4 hours, and have the work completed within 24 hours in most cases (parts, 3rd parties).

Unlimited Help Desk Support: Submit your requests for service via our website and get support through email

Unlimited Remote Support: Call us and we can remotely access your computer and help you with your computer. Includes work done on your computer brought to our office.

Unlimited On-Site Support: When you need us at your office, there’s no charge for the technician during the hours listed. Projects like software migrations, or new hardware/software deployments are not covered but the rate is significantly reduced.

Endpoint Detection & Recovery: We manage an antivirus solution on your computer. Automated recovery of damaged files. No annual fees.

Web Protection: Known infected websites are blocked when a malicious link might direct you there.

Anti-Spam Mail Security: We filter the spam and virus threats out of your email before it even reaches your mailbox.

Response Time: We will respond to your support request within the time stated or less.

Hours of Coverage: Hours we are available to you for all services. Extended hours by the Hourly Service Rate.

On-Site Service Fee: Fee to come to your home or business.

Hourly Project/After Hours Rate: Rate for Projects or service hours not covered in this pricing tier. Our non-contract rate is $160.

Optional Services: Monthly pricing based on annual payment

Workstation Cloud Backup: Automatic backup of your computer to the cloud, includes version control and archiving. 100 GB storage – Archiving does not count against the storage.

Server Cloud Backup: Automatic backup of your server to the cloud, includes version control and archiving. 500 GB Storage – Archiving does not count against the storage.

Office 365 Essentials: Your own hosted email domain with Microsoft.

Cloud File Sharing: Great alternative to Dropbox with encryption, sharing externally, Outlook integration, and much more. Unlimited storage option available.

Microsoft Office: All the key applications you need: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher

Annual Business Review: This meeting contains research and data which takes about $500 of labor and tools to produce, and we provide it as part of our service agreement with you.

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