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The more time you spend trying to get your computers and networks to work, the less time you have to bill clients for your services. If your employees can’t work, that problem multiplies. How does it feel to pay your staff when they can’t work?


The Danger of Managing Your Own IT

How many times do you struggle with a computer or technology problem for more than 15 minutes? How much time have you spent on lengthy workarounds which you have to keep using because there’s no time to come up with the right solution? The average tech support call uses more than an hour of your time.

You need time to manage projects, meet with clients, go on vacation, or spend time finding quality employees – not work on your IT.

Decrease in Billable Hours

Lost Employee Productivity

Lost Sales and Revenue

Premature Hardware Failure

I would like to express my personal appreciation to the Tech Masters team for your excellent customer support, especially during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns. Your timely responses have made our technical issues far easier to cope with.

Adriano Pantino

Accountant, Premier Transport Inc.

How We Help Your Company

You aren’t in the business of doing IT. We get it. To have a successful business we find the best people to help us do the things we’re not a professional at. We’re in the business of doing what we do professionally and at great value to our clients.

We recognize that not all businesses are the same. They have different profit centers, payroll, job responsibilities, leadership organization, hours, software and more. To be a good partner we need to understand it all so we can deliver the type of help you need when you need it.

  • If it’s a critical piece of software you need to run your business, we will support it by working with the vendor on your behalf.
  • If the internet is critical to your business, we’ll get the most reliable network equipment, and devise ways to provide backup services when needed.
  • If your employee productivity is an imperative, we will ensure the computers are monitored for issues to head those off and keep the focus on production.
  • If you need someone to work on a server at 3 AM and will come open the door for us, we’ll get in and work on it for you.

We use some of the latest technology to deliver a rapid response to your urgent support needs. We have secure remote access to equipment to make changes from anywhere, at any time. On-call technicians are available to address any concerns you have and even arrive on-site if needed. We carry several key spare parts, including computers, network equipment, and even a server if it is necessary.

Contact us today for a short 30-minute meeting to discuss your business and how we can make IT work for you.

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