The Benefits of Managed IT Services: A Simple Explanation

It’s no surprise to use that Cloud and managed IT services are on the rise in 2021, particularly as we go into a second year of COVID-19 where social distancing has forced businesses to think both creatively and strategically about how to weather the “storm” of a global pandemic.

Managed IT services are quickly becoming the norm, though it is a service that is being adopted more slowly by small businesses. We believe that the benefits of managed IT services can greatly improve both the day-to-day services and long-term viability of small businesses. Here are the benefits that having a managed IT service can provide your small business in 2021.


Managed IT Services Increase Productivity

A significant benefit of managed IT services is that it reduces downtime due to necessary upgrades, back-ups, or addressing other software issues. Even if you have a full-time IT person, there is a limit to how much they can accomplish in forty hours a week and you may still have to build downtime into your management plan.

With managed IT services, much of this necessary work takes place in the background in addition to your systems being routinely monitored to get ahead of the issues that may trigger unexpected downtime. 

What all of this means is that by utilizing a managed IT service, your employees aren’t losing time that should be spent serving customers and acquiring new clients. With managed IT services, both your productivity and your efficiency increase.


Expert Security

A major benefit of managed IT services is that you get high-quality security, an advanced level that you might not have access to or be able to afford as a small business. Cybersecurity is of utmost importance as small businesses are an easy target for hackers. With managed IT services, you can afford a custom package of security measures that will include a combination of antivirus systems and firewalls in addition to AI solutions that are constantly detecting cyber threats and decreasing the likelihood of a breach. 

This custom package is far more cost-effective through a managed IT service than it would be purchased and managed individually. With managed IT services, you are paying experts for more than just managing your cybersecurity; they are also working to stay head of new, vicious threats that you may be unaware of. It’s the peace of mind of knowing that your small business security is being defended by the best.

As cybercriminals become more savvy and creative at breaking down security systems, it is becoming increasingly harder for a single person, or even a well-funded small staff of IT personnel, to stay ahead of the onslaught of developments in the world of cybercrime. Managed IT services can provide the knowledge, expertise, and cutting edge solutions at a volume that is just not achievable by a single person, no matter how talented.

You also get the benefit of shifting the burden of compliance to your managed IT service. There are an ever-expanding number of standards, initiatives, and legislation designed to protect consumer information and privacy. A managed IT service will stay up-to-speed on the changes in regulation, ensuring that not only is your small business security up to par, your privacy compliance is also.

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Cost-effective solutions

When you switch over to managed IT services, it saves you the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware, such as on-site servers. You may also see significant savings when it comes to licensing and training expenses for multiple software providers, because managed IT services will provide and manage everything you need for a lower monthly cost.

In addition, that lower monthly cost provides you with consistent IT service no matter how your support needs fluctuate month to month. You can be more strategic with your budget and investing in other areas of your small business, knowing that you won’t get an unexpected and expensive IT bill.


Constant Support

As mentioned above, in addition to the constant monitoring of your systems by managed IT services, you also have access to 24/7 support. We all know that hackers, spam, and malware don’t operate within normal business services, and you need IT support that doesn’t either. Anytime you have a question or issue, you will have someone on the other end of the line who can identify the issue and answer your question right away.  

Even if you have the benefit of a full-time on-site IT manager, they still have to clock out at 5pm every weekday. A managed IT service literally never sleeps when it comes to protecting your small business and being available whenever you need them.


Scalable Services

Another key benefit to managed IT services, and one that may not be as widely known by small businesses, is that these services are beneficial whether your small business has five employees or a hundred. They will provide customized service and support that works for your needs and budget, and will also work with you to scale up as the need arises. 

The flexibility of managed IT services means that you can get top-notch IT support and management that is uniquely suited to your current needs, no matter how or how often those needs change. 


Tech Masters can provide a free business assessment that can share the benefits of moving your small business toward managed IT services. We can recommend services that will address the best value improvements for your business.














The Five Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses


Managed services provide a better security stance for your small business and your clients

Top 10 advantages of managed IT services for small businesses to keep your business secure and confidential Choosing Managed IT Services The first step to choosing a managed IT service provider is to decide the location where you are going to host your business servers and other services. Which type of server do you want to place on your own server? When is the right time to consider a managed server? Businesses should pay attention to the software they want to use on a desktop or laptop. You can see some of the most popular services that cover desktop and laptop software below: MPS Ultimate Desktop Grasshopper Software Server GTD Desktop – Online Read our review on each of these business software applications to see which works best for your small business needs. 3.


Managed services provide better support, faster response times, and better customer service

You don’t need to run IT. You just need to support it Businesses require customized IT to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the 21st century Managed IT Services benefit the end-customer by optimizing their PC’s and server resources. Managed IT services can help businesses of all sizes to avoid risky business decisions and the time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes mismanaged tasks of managing IT internally. Managed IT Services is by no means the only solution to meet an organization’s IT requirements, but they are one of the most useful and powerful tools for both small business owners and IT professionals to adopt and experience the benefits it can bring.


Managed services provide a better user experience


The Five Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses


Reasons why managed IT services is more convenient, cost-effective, and provides better security for your small business and your clients


Managed services provide a better security stance for your small business and your clients

Managed services allow you to continue to invest in your small business to grow When you opt for managed IT services for your small business, it is really about the possibility of moving into a much better virtual office to allow you to scale and maintain business continuity and security. Best Managed IT Services Providers in India At Okta, we understand the complexity of managing a business and its partners and thus we offer software as a service (SaaS) managed services. Our managed cloud services are for an extremely large variety of use cases and we empower our clients to build world class apps that work seamlessly on your systems and leverage tools and capabilities in the cloud that will accelerate the pace of business adoption.


Managed services provide better support, faster response times, and better customer service

Networking and security solutions are installed for better connectivity and network security Managed IT services helps save money Taking control of your computer needs can be a major job for some small businesses. Managed IT solutions solve this problem. You only pay for the necessary services and your company doesn’t get burdened by expensive maintenance contracts. In addition, any gaps in coverage can be promptly repaired. Managed IT Services as a Service (MISaaS) Managed IT services are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) that is platform-independent. In simple terms, you pay for the infrastructure services that is running on a remote server or through the cloud.


Managed services provide a better user experience

An additional advantage is the fact that many providers also offer managed services without having to invest in hardware and software. Managed service providers are always aware of the environment they are working in, and strive to provide the best service and tools. Less infrastructure maintenance When managed service providers manage your IT, they keep your applications and infrastructure up to date, keeping you as well as your clients productive and not always waiting for a few minutes for something to happen. Increased Security In managed service providers, they are highly experienced in managing, maintaining, and improving the security of the application, which provides peace of mind to your clients as well as your business.


Managed services provide a secure environment where data is stored, backed up, and backed up regularly

Managed services provide a 24-hour support team that can respond promptly to problems without the delay or cost of an in-house IT support team Operations are minimized because technicians are assigned to tasks that are specifically within their expertise Technical support is a hassle-free process because your client can contact the IT team to ask questions, and the support team can answer your client’s question in real time Managed IT Services are a boon for your business’s efficiency as you save on IT costs and can focus your attention on tasks that are essential for your business’s survival.



Since 2013, the number of managed services provider has grown by almost 45%. The managed services market share has also increased by 15% from the previous year. The growth in managed IT services is due to the competitive pricing of the managed service providers, increasing need of business agility and innovation to stay competitive and enhanced security needs of small businesses. In the report, the key market players are observed to hold a significant position in the managed IT services market.


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