More than ever, lawyers rely on technology to manage clients and cases. It’s essential for keeping your business running smoothly and profitably. But what happens when the technology itself is slowing you down?


The Danger of Managing Your Law Firm’s IT

There is no technology that can make you a better lawyer or make your closing arguments for you. There are some things you simply can’t outsource.

However, technology can make your job easier, faster, and more fool-proof. It can manage your clients, workflow, schedules, and documents so that you have time to focus on what’s important. But what happens when that same technology is slowing you down?

How many times do you struggle with a computer or technology problem for more than 15 minutes? How much time have you spent on lengthy workarounds which you have to keep using because there’s no time to come up with the right solution? The average tech support call uses over an hour of your time which cuts down on billable hours.

You need time to attend court, meet with clients, go on vacation, and spend time finding quality employees – not work on your IT.

Decrease in Billable Hours

Lost Employee Productivity

Lost Sales and Revenue

Premature Hardware Failure

How We Help Attorneys

We support the software programs attorneys use, like Amicus, Familysoft, and PracticeMaster. We currently support 5 different family, personal injury, business and estate planning firms in the area, so we know what it takes to keep your practice running smoothly.

Our Managed Security offers layered solutions to give you maximum protection against unwanted attacks on your data. We can provide staff training, email filtering, virus protection, and more to keep you and your clients safe.

With our Managed Service programs, you can even get after-hours support which helps ensure you have your critical business systems ready for you on Monday morning, or late on a Saturday. Regular maintenance keeps your computers and servers running with the highest performance possible. Quick solutions to your problems are made even quicker with our remote support services included in your service program.

We also have eDiscovery services through DriveSavers, including forensics. We can help you directly or you can use our relationship to get a discount on services. Provide better service and be more profitable!

Give us a call anytime to schedule upgrades or services for your business. Need a wireless router replacement? How about an upgrade to your computer or server?  Need a replacement hard drive in a workstation or a virus removed? New software have requirements you don’t know if you meet? We do all of this and much more!

Contact us today for a short 30-minute meeting to discuss your business and how we can make IT work for you.

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