5 Surefire Ways IT Outsourcing Makes Small Business Grow

One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing your IT is that you benefit from the wealth of knowledge of a team, experts who make it their job to stay ahead of threats, be aware of emerging technologies and strategies from the cybercrime world, and offer their expertise and best practice recommendations for keeping your data both secure from criminals and easily accessible to you. 

Beyond these obvious benefits, have you ever considered how else you might benefit from the wealth of knowledge your outsourced tech may have? Read on; we’ve got 5 ways IT outsourcing makes small business grow. 

IT Outsourcing: Address Inefficiencies

As a small business owner you are used to wearing many hats, particularly in the early days as you were getting your business off the ground. From HR and payroll, to IT and finance, you had to do far more work than just the actual “work” of your service offerings to clients. If you’ve already outsourced your IT, then you are ahead of the game in addressing inefficiencies! IT is a big job. It can be a tremendous relief to hand it off to the experts. But working with an outsourced IT company shouldn’t be a “one-and-done” deal. Beyond the regular IT support and maintenance they offer, check in with them to get recommendations and best practice strategies for continuing to reduce inefficiencies from an IT standpoint. 

Because of their specialized knowledge in IT and tech, your outsourced team can work with you to address your needs and provide custom-tailored strategies to problems that you may not even be aware of, or issues you may run into in the future. A regular check-in scheduled with your outsourced IT team establishes an ongoing rapport and helps them keep you better informed of the latest tech solutions that are important within your field. 

Now this check-in doesn’t have to include a run-down of every latest virus that could affect your business. After all, you outsourced to experts precisely so those types of things don’t keep you up at night. (And staying up all night stressing is an inefficient use of your time.)

What you should focus on is how to better communicate your needs and collaborate with the company you’ve partnered with to handle your IT outsourcing, so that they know your business inside and out, including your plans for future growth and expansion. This gives them the information they need to prepare recommendations and strategies for you to review, ensuring that your small business is not only running efficiently but growing at a sustainable pace from an IT standpoint.

IT Outsourcing: Scalable Growth

Speaking of growing your small business, your IT outsourcing company can also help you develop a smart but affordable strategy for scaling up your IT support as your business continues to grow.

The technologies that work for someone starting a small business as a sole proprietor from their home are going to be very different from a small business that has multiple locations, or one that offers services through a highly specific technology or bespoke software.

Your outsourced IT company can help you create an action plan to ensure that as your small business grows and develops, you have the support and solutions available to advance into new areas of growth.

They can assess your storage, infrastructure, and application use habits to ensure that your needs are being met, both in the short term and as you anticipate future growth.

IT Outsourcing: Industry-Specific Guidance

As privacy laws continue to increase and become more nuanced, your outsourced IT can provide expert security and a watchful eye as these laws develop.

If your clients require a high level of data security (such as in healthcare or legal services), then you can lean on your outsourced IT team to advise and educate you on privacy matters that affect your specific industry.

This is one area where it is especially helpful to be knowledgeable, especially if you serve clients who have a legal right to have their personal information safeguarded.

As a small business owner, the more you understand how privacy laws and compliance affect your clients, the better you can communicate with them your strategies for addressing these issues. Your outsourced experts are there for you, not just to help protect your customer data, but to give you specific knowledge that you can relay back to your customer base.

Business Owner Finding Success Through IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing: Access to Innovative Technology

As technology evolves, it can be tempting to jump on to the next hot trend and adapt technologies immediately upon release. Having an outsourced IT company means that you don’t just have access to innovative technology, you have access to experts who can help you decipher which technologies are going to bring the most added value to your small business.

While there are certainly groundbreaking technologies that provide efficient solutions across industries, it’s important that you ensure you are putting your resources toward the innovations that will bring immediate impact to your growing business.

Relying on your outsourced IT company helps you stay ahead of the curve, but not so ahead that you fall off the track because you sunk money into a solution that wasn’t the right fit for your business.

IT Outsourcing: Cost Reduction

In addition to the strategies for growth listed above, your outsourced IT company can also help you look at the bottom line and ensure that you are getting maximum impact on the services you are receiving.

Whether you need to bundle some additional services into your current agreement, or simply want to review the services you’re currently using, your outsourced team can help you look for ways to continue receiving their expertise and solutions at a price that allows your business to grow and look toward the future.

They can help you maximize your investment and ensure that your small business is both efficient and cost effective.


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