5 Projects a Managed IT Service Provider Does for Your Business that You Can’t Do Alone

Every business needs quality IT in order to be competitive. The problem is that many companies don’t have the in-house expertise or the time to manage it. This is where a managed IT service provider comes in.

A managed IT service provider helps keep your business running smoothly no matter your business model, by providing everything you need, from hardware and software support to infrastructure management. From the basics of making sure your internet connection is cruising along without a hitch and managing cloud systems to minimizing the risk of identity theft for you and your customers by protecting your database and digital assets, managed IT service providers take care of so many things so you don’t have to.


What are managed IT services?

Managed services refer to the process of outsourcing IT-related tasks, which can be anything from hardware and software support to infrastructure management, advanced network security, data backup and much more. IT Specialists and Managed Service Providers (MSP) provide these services to companies of all sizes.

If you’re looking for help in these areas, an MSP, or managed IT service provider, will give you access to experts who specialize in these areas and will provide everything you require. Whether you need SEO help, analytics, systems risk analysis, better software management, network security for your central database and all cloud applications, data back-up, dedicated IT help or a host of other needs, an MSP can provide you with everything you need for greater success. And because their teams have so much experience in a wide range of technical and data-based services, you’ll save money by hiring one provider instead of a different specialist for each individual need.

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Why Managed IT Services are a Great Choice for You

Imagine how much time you could give yourself by letting someone else handle your IT management. There’s so much to do as a business owner. And already not enough time to do it all. How much stronger would your company’s performance be if you let experts handle your network and data, and focus your attention on doing what you do best, which is leading your company’s vision, managing your people, refining customer experience, coming up with a new business idea, and creating new products and services? Keeping a close eye on all of these is essential to your growth.

Something like customer service, for example, can easily make or break your success if you’re putting all your attention on data and IT needs and not on the enjoyment your customers experience when using your products or services or the satisfaction they find when engaging directly with your people when they have concerns. Check out this piece from the Harvard Business Review to learn more about the importance of customer interaction. 

Partnering with a managed IT service provider takes the burden of IT off your back, relieves worry about security, protects the online communities you interact with and gives you assurance knowing that you’ll always have someone looking out for your business behind the scenes. Plus, when you hire a trusted provider, they’ll work according to your desires and the needs of your business, easily navigating agile project management and other styles of collaboration.

Depending on what you want, they can go directly to you for overall guidance or communicate independently with various departments and business units. And when larger issues arise, they can give you a detailed project overview which you can refine any way your business needs. Here are 5 projects, vital to your business, that you can’t do alone.


Managed Networks and Infrastructure

Managed IT service providers bring expertise and a new level of professionalism to your business. One of the most common tasks managed IT services are hired for is maintaining your network and infrastructure. A managed IT service provider can manage everything from hardware and software support to data centers, which lowers the cost of doing business.

Your MSP will select, set up, and manage any LAN, WAN, and WAP devices and connections necessary for your business. They will make sure your network runs cleanly and efficiently, both as it relates to outbound connections, as well as your internal communications with other team members and business partners.

MSPs use their experience to help you select the right computers, tablets, routers, monitors, conferencing gear and other hardware needed for good business. They also stay current on the most up to date and advanced software and applications that will help you excel in every category. You’ll save money purchasing only what you need, take advantage of bulk deals and refurbished gear, and have someone there to keep all this hardware, software and applications performing at the highest level. 


Managed Support Services

Managed IT services provide something that none of us can live without…constant support. With 24/7 access to experienced, skilled technicians, no matter what problem arises in any part of your tech and network, someone will be there to answer questions, address concerns, assess your situation and initiate solutions and repairs to get you back to 100%.

Issues with technology and networks happen all the time. Employees make mistakes, computers break down, people save files in the wrong places, software has bugs, someone opens a bad email with malware. These are just a few of the things that can slow down the engine of your business and take you away from your work. It’s almost impossible to assess and repair these issues on your own. An expert team will protect you and your system night and day, no matter what comes.

Also, it’s vital that you and your employees have access to professionals who can answer questions in an ongoing capacity. You won’t have to fumble around to find someone each time to answer any number of tech inquiries or service needs, large or small. They’ll be ready to take your call or email when you need them most.


Managed Communication Services

Communication is key to your success. And it affects every aspect of your business. A managed IT service provider will help you set up and manage all your communication needs. From messaging software and email, to VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and everything you need to pull off flawless video conferencing and virtual meetings, MSPs give you the tools, expertise, and ongoing support needed for you to achieve the highest level of communication.


Managed Cloud Infrastructure

These days, cloud infrastructure is often the backbone of your company’s IT framework. It’s important for you to implement cloud infrastructure because it provides a scalable, cost-effective way of handling large amounts of data.

Managed IT service providers can take care of all aspects of cloud infrastructure.  They handle migration, maintenance and optimization for your storage, computing, networks and more. They can provide you with private, public, and even hybrid cloud environments, depending on your needs. Providers also offer virtualization services for software, apps, operating systems and much more. If it can be performed in the cloud, your MSP can set up and manage it for you.


Managed Data Analytics

The digital age is full of data. We are a world that values information above nearly all other resources. And, with the ever-increasing demands on businesses to produce more and more data, and to store, protect and disseminate that data efficiently to those who need it, it’s more important than ever for companies to manage their data effectively.

Managed IT services can help by providing an infrastructure for your company’s data processing, storage and analysis. In addition to managing your infrastructure, an MSP will provide the expertise needed to analyze and make sense of all that data so you can find valuable insights within mountains of information.

MSPs, using a combination of analytic programs in tandem with their own expertise in data management, organize, make sense of, and help you break down patterns and trends within your data. This refined information analysis will help you make more specific, more strategic decisions for your business. Data analytics can sharpen your production, your expenses, your employment, your customer experience, and the course of your innovation and investments.



Not only can managed IT services help save you time and money, they can also help establish your business as a trusted entity within the market. Great IT support provides business owners with a foundation of innovative technology, efficient programs, fast networks, clear communication, reliable data storage, and safe, smooth connections.

With everything on your plate, there’s simply no way for you to manage all your IT needs on your own. Also, IT and technology are changing all the time. You need someone trained specifically to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of business owners around the world, a team of experienced professionals that will manage your system so you can breathe easily and focus on the things that matter most to you.


Tech Masters is your ideal IT service provider. For years, we’ve been helping businesses succeed by providing individually tailored, managed IT service packages. Let us provide you with peace of mind while we perfect your technology and communications infrastructure. Contact us today to get the IT help you need.


For answers to your managed IT service questions, check out our FAQs below.




What are managed IT services?

Managed services refer to the process of outsourcing IT-related tasks, which can be anything from hardware and software support to infrastructure management, advanced network security, data backup, cloud-based applications, analytics and much more. IT Specialists and Managed Service Providers (MSP) provide these services to companies of all sizes.


How can my business benefit from hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

By partnering with experienced IT professionals, you’ll get complete integration of needed technologies, the training you need, full support with all tech needs and questions, top-notch network and data security and fast, reliable communication. These elements not only keep your business running smoothly, but give you the power and information you need to make informed decisions about the future of your business. 

Having a managed IT service provider in your corner takes your focus off the details of IT issues and tech management and back onto the core drivers of your business, innovation, leadership, development, and customer satisfaction. 


Can I handle IT on my own?

Sometimes, if you have a very small business with very few technology needs and few programs, you might be able to take care of things simply with customer service calls and some tutorials. However, most businesses have greater needs, more hardware and systems, and an increasing need for data and network security. Also, any time spent looking after IT is time away from the core of your business. 


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