12 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Computers

Computers are an essential part of present-day businesses. With the growing importance of technology, running a business without a computer is nearly impossible today. From managing emails to using CRM software, you need a computer for basically everything.

Thus, if you want to carry out all your operations smoothly, having a top-notch computer that offers excellent performance is essential. Any issue in your computer can increase downtime, thereby causing you a significant loss of time, money, and efficiency.

In this article, we will talk about the twelve signs that reveal it’s time to replace your business computer. If your computer is giving you trouble or you notice any of these signs, we recommend you start looking for replacements.


12 Key Signs That Let You Know It’s Time to Upgrade your Company’s Computers

As a business owner, if you are facing issues with your business computers, you must get them checked and repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem will only escalate the issue, and you will have to spend more money on repairing your device.

While technicians can resolve some issues with your computer, there are several problems that cannot be resolved. Remember, computers aren’t designed to last forever. Even the best and most advanced computers cannot last for more than five to eight years – and even that is a stretch.

Here are the twelve key signs that indicate you should replace your computer with a more advanced and high-tech model:


1. The Computer’s Fans are too Noisy

Noisy fans are one of the biggest indicators that your computer’s lifecycle is approaching. When computers start aging, their fans have to work twice as hard to keep up with all the tasks. This leads to loud and disturbing noises and makes your computer heat up faster than before.

Have you started noticing that your computer’s fans are making loud noises even when no intensive tasks are going on? Or does your computer struggle to handle the basic tasks and heat up quickly? If yes, you need a new device.


2. Applications Take too Long to Load

While applications can load super quickly on a new computer, it isn’t the case with a new one. In fact, even the basic applications take too long to load on an old computer.

And even when they load, they don’t function as smoothly as they used to. This happens because of the obsolete hardware that is unable to keep up with the latest versions of your applications. Make sure to always check the device compatibility requirement before downloading an application.

As a business owner, using the latest version of important software and applications is crucial for you. So, if your computer has started struggling with this, it is wise to start looking for a replacement.


3. You Cannot Install the Newest Operating Systems

This is another sign that your business computers need to be upgraded. Using the newest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems is essential for the security and proper functioning of your device.

If your business computers have stopped supporting the latest version of Windows or Mac operating systems, it’s a sign you need to take heed of. 


4. Slow Startup and Shutdown

Does your company’s computer take forever to power on and shut down? As a business owner, you will face frequent incidents where you will need to access your computer immediately. In such a case, if your device takes too long to start, you can lose a valuable opportunity.

You can use simple fixes like keeping your hardware clean or keeping fewer programs in the background for auto-loading when you power on your machine. However, if you or your internal team cannot resolve this after trying everything, it’s time to look for a new device.

business owner using new business computers

5. Your Business Computer Can No Longer Multitask

Multitasking is essential for running a business. As a business owner or manager, you will typically be running several applications at once on your computer. However, if you experience difficulty in jumping between multiple applications, it is a sign that your computer is on its last leg.

Usually, this happens because of insufficient memory space. If you have previously used your computer only to browse the internet but are now trying to run multiple applications on it, you will naturally face some issues. Your computer may freeze in between when you see a blue screen occasionally. If the issue persists even after expanding your memory, it’s time to upgrade.


6. You Cannot Upgrade Hardware Easily

Sometimes, upgrading your computer’s hardware can solve many issues and boost your system’s power. However, the problem with old computers is that upgrading their hardware often leads to compatibility issues, escalating your problem even further. In such a case, it is wise to start looking for a new machine.


7. You Cannot Run Certain Applications

Do you or your employees face trouble in running some specific applications on your computers? Do the screens of your computers turn black as soon as you try to open some big applications? If yes, this indicates that your device is about to crash, and you will need a replacement sooner rather than later.

8. You Require More Space

Is your computer struggling to store all your documents, files, images and programs? Do you and your team keep transferring your essential files and programs to external storage devices? If yes, then you require more space than your current device offers.

You can try to expand its RAM and hard drives, but if that doesn’t help, consider upgrading your device altogether.


9. The Security of Your Device is Outdated

If your current business computer isn’t compatible with the latest security updates of important applications, it’s a sign that you need a new one. These security updates offer several advantages, including enhanced protection against security threats like viruses and malware, performance improvements, the latest security patches, and more.

Businesses should always take their cybersecurity seriously. So, if your computer is no longer compatible with the software your team requires or that it cannot install the necessary security updates, it’s better to let the device go.


10. You Have Already Upgraded the Hardware Before

If you have an old computer, chances are that you would have already upgraded its hardware before. If you have replaced your computer’s CPU, motherboard, hard drives, etc., and it is still giving you trouble, there’s no point in getting it repaired again.

business manager deciding on new business computers

11. The Cost of Repairing is Abnormally High

Instead of buying a new computer, you can often resolve a majority of problems by getting your computer repaired.

However, if the cost of repairing or replacing some parts is unusually high – more than what you’ll have to spend purchasing a new one, there’s no sense in repairing your old computer.


12. The Trouble Has Become too Much to Handle

If you and your management are having too much trouble working on your company’s computers, it’s a clear sign that you need to upgrade them. Keeping up with system repairs and updates can also be stressful and time-consuming. Sometimes, obtaining new machines will help relieve you of these troubles.

If you want to complete your daily tasks successfully and scale your business, having powerful computers that offer superb performance is a must. So, don’t compromise on this.


Summing Up

Business computers are valuable assets for every business owner. They help you manage all your tasks easily and play a crucial role in business growth.

However, if your computers are more than four to five years old and are showing some of the above-mentioned signs, it’s time to upgrade to new and more advanced models.

When buying computers for your company, several high-tech business models are available to you. While buying a new computer can be expensive, it is worth it in the long run to invest in something so crucial to your operational success. As a business owner, you can also use your business to get good discounts on your purchase.


Tech Masters helps business owners streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and make sense of complex data. Contact us today to learn about individually tailored IT service and support plans for your business, and claim your free Business IT Assessment today. 

To learn more about new business computers, check out our frequently asked questions below. 





What signs would indicate it’s time to replace a desktop business computer?

The three major signs that indicate it’s time to purchase a new desktop business computer include the following:

Your computer has massive overheating issues, and it makes weird noises.

You are unable to run a large number of applications on it.

It is no longer compatible with the latest versions of operating systems.


Is a 10-year-old computer worth fixing?

The average lifespan of a computer is between five to eight years. On the other hand, the average lifetime of a laptop is between three to four years.

Thus, if you have a 10-year-old computer, it is already well past its average lifespan, and it’s natural for it to crash or not keep up with the latest applications. There is no point in getting such an old machine fixed. You’d be better off buying a new one.


What to do with old computers that still work?

Do you have some old computers that can no longer fulfill your business requirements but still work? If yes, then here are some things that you can do with it: 

  • Sell them for some additional cash online.
  • Donate them to your local school.
  • Donate them to a computer distribution charity.
  • Give them to family members or friends who need a computer but don’t have one.




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