10 Awesome AI Tools for Business Owners Like You

Whether you are a solopreneur, own a small business with a few employees, or manage a large company with hundreds of employees and customers, having the right AI-powered tools can be a game-changer. AI tools come with incredible capabilities that make it easier for you to handle multiple business operations.

From designing eye-catching logos to calculating and evaluating the productivity of your remote employees, AI-based business tools can help you do everything.

This blog post will walk you through ten awesome AI tools that will make handling multiple business operations a breeze. With these tools, you can save a lot of your time, maximize employee efficiency, attract potential customers, and do a lot more! Let’s get started!



One of the most crucial things for businesses is their brand logo. Your company’s logo is the face of your business. It is the unique identity of your business that visually sets you apart from your competitors, grabs people’s attention, and makes your company memorable upon first impressions.

As a business owner, creating a unique and hard-to-forget logo should be your priority. But if you have limited design experience, creating the perfect brand logo can be daunting.

This is where Designs.ai comes in! It offers a useful and simple AI Logo Maker tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your brand information and creates thousands of attractive logo designs for you within seconds.

With its massive library of more than 10,000 icon options and several advanced features, landing the perfect logo design for your business has never been easier. This means that you’ll get an awesome logo for your printed material, your business websites, for use on social channels, on business cards, within customer support communications and more. 


Zoho Zia

If your goal is to increase your sales productivity and revenue, Zoho Zia is one of the best virtual sales assistants you should take advantage of.

This amazing AI tool leverages artificial intelligence capabilities to identify the routine tasks in your sales process and suggests workflows for automation instead. This goes a long way toward enhancing the productivity of your sales reps and saving their time.

Not only this, but the tool also helps you build better rapport with your customers through analysis and customer insights. It analyzes their buying patterns and expectations and provides relevant recommendations and intuitive suggestions based on these. This really helps you improve customer experience. 

Zia also offers advanced features like delegating important tasks based on user availability, suggesting the best time to contact your client, and so forth It is the perfect solution for boosting productivity and improving your sales process.

Business owner using AI tools for efficiency.

Chatbot by LiveChat Software

Customers are the biggest assets of every business, and thus, offering them a better user experience should be a priority.

However, once you start growing your customer base, serving multiple customers at the same time becomes challenging. Irrespective of how many people you employ in your customer service team, it isn’t easy to answer hundreds of customer queries simultaneously.

Enter Chatbot – your one-stop solution for automating customer service!

With Chatbot, you can serve customers 24/7 within any market, and resolve most of their basic queries instantaneously. The best part – it not only solves your customer queries but also highlights your brand, products, and services through interactive tools like buttons, quick actions, images, and more, hopefully improving your conversion rate. 

A fantastic thing about Chatbot is that you can easily integrate it with the latest versions of applications like Shopify, Facebook Messenger, WordPress, and so forth. It offers a 14-day free trial and affordable pricing plans. With this incredible AI tool, you scale up your business while keeping all your customers happy. It’s a win-win for everyone.



When you have multiple teams working on various projects from different places, monitoring each of them manually and measuring their productivity can get extremely messy. Enter Timely – an AI-based time-tracking tool that can do all the time tracking for you.

It can generate accurate timesheets for recorded processes like meetings, emails, calls, and more. With Timely, you can monitor employee work and overtime hours, workload, and productive hours.in real-time. An excellent thing about this tool is that it offers seamless integrations with key software like Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.

It also helps you effectively manage project resources, get automatic notifications for abrupt movements in the budget, and generate reports related to employee performance and payroll.


Legal Robot

Understanding the legal implications behind every business decision you make is crucial. One illegal or unethical move and your business might end up in deep trouble. Hence, it’s vital to understand “the legal language” of the corporate world. This is where software like Legal Robot enters the frame.

Legal Robot is a fantastic AI tool that harnesses the power of natural language processing and machine learning. It simplifies complex legal contracts and a wide range of legal scenarios. It will break down legal contracts and simplify legal jargon for your employees. As a result, it enhances the readability of legal contracts and makes them easier to understand for everyone.



It is a known fact that no business is safe from cybersecurity attacks today. Getting the confidential information of your customers compromised is a dreadful situation to be in. It can have serious effects on your finances and your reputation.

Thus, investing in a reliable AI-powered security tool is a crucial step in strengthening your business’s digital security.

DNSFilter is a powerful tool that provides real-time protection to your business against various cybersecurity attacks like malware attacks, ransomware, and phishing. In addition, it offers powerful content filtering to prevent your employees from visiting malicious sites that can harm your business. You can also get detailed security reports from the software.



If you are in the market for a reliable AI-based talent management tool, check out Eightfold.

As a business owner, it is natural to want to hire and keep the best employees for your company, and Eightfold helps you achieve exactly that. It also enables you to hire suitable candidates in the least possible time through effective screening, talent rediscovery, personalized CRM, and more. 

Not only this, but the tool also helps your employees find the right opportunity within the company through personalized development paths. When your employees see the potential for growth in the organization, they have every reason to stay with you.



When you want to publish high-quality content related to your business, products, or services, getting it right the first time is crucial. Any grammatical, spelling, or tone-related errors can be a major turnoff for your potential customers.

Grammarly uses a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that combines machine learning with a variety of natural language processing approaches. It is a powerful AI-enabled editing assistant that can rectify all the above errors and take your content marketing to the next level. As an editing tool, this helps with website content, advertising copy, with your email marketing tools, Ecommerce, in-house correspondence and emails, client relations, and much more. 

Grammarly carries a range of notable features that sharpen your content and communications, and help your business flourish. 

Employee accomplishing more with the right AI tools.


Jasper is another super popular content management tool that is similar to Grammarly. However, Jasper primarily aims at creating content, whereas Grammarly works more towards editing pre-written content.

If you are struggling with writing engaging content for your business or want to write a lot of words quickly, Jasper should be your go-to solution. It helps you write over a thousand words in a matter of minutes. All you need to provide are seed words around which you want your content to be framed. The tool can even create SEO-optimized content.

With plenty of built-in features for content creation, along with editing tools, you’ve got one of the best programs available today for writers in any field. 



Fireflies is an AI-based tool that eliminates your need for note-taking during meetings. Instead, you can simply skim through the key points of a long discussion within minutes. With Fireflies, you can record meetings across any web-conferencing platform and transcribe live meetings or audio files.

The tool also supports collaboration by highlighting and commenting on important moments from the meeting. One of our favorite features of this tool is its powerful search functionality. You can easily review an hour-long meeting within a few minutes through the search feature. Now, isn’t this absolutely amazing!


Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – our ten favorite AI tools that modern business owners should have in their tool belt. As people and companies become more dependent on technology, having powerful AI tools can help your business in ways you don’t even yet realize. 

They make your business processes more efficient and save time by automating various repetitive tasks, improve your communication, sharpen your marketing efforts, help you manage projects, and other vital tasks. With the right AI products and applications, you can scale your strategies and generate better outputs at reduced costs.

So, go through the tools mentioned above. Write down your business needs and expectations and then try out the AI tools that make the most sense for you and your organization.


Tech Masters helps businesses and organizations in every field achieve more with less effort, by managing their most crucial IT, networking, technology, and data-based needs. Connect with us today to learn more and to claim your free Business IT Assessment. 

To learn more about AI tools for your business, check out our frequently asked questions below. 






How is AI used today? 

There is a wide range of real-life examples of how AI is being used today. Let’s take a look at five common examples.


  • Voice recognition applications and assistants like Amazon Alexa and Siri.
  • Facial recognition applications used to unlock smartphones.
  • Personalized recommendations based on a user’s previous searches or content they’ve watched.
  • Marketing chatbots
  • Smart home devices like smart thermostats which can automatically adjust the temperature according to the user’s heating/cooling preferences.


What is super AI?

Super AI or Artificial Superintelligence is a type of AI capable of going beyond human intelligence. It is a powerful technology that exceeds human intelligence by developing thinking abilities and cognitive skills of its own.


Who is the father of AI?

John McCarthy – one of the greatest innovators ever – is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence.


What are some areas where AI is beginning to play a role?

  • Customer segmentation
  • Payment options and processes
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing tools
  • Real estate industry practices
  • Business name generators
  • Business website builders
  • Customer behaviors
  • Customer care
  • Inventory tools
  • Artificial Design Intelligence
  • Domain Optimization
  • In-built SEO capabilities
  • Improvements to social media channels
  • Shipping options
  • Doing business online
  • Credit card operations
  • Credit card monitoring
  • and much more.


If I’m confused about AI tech choices, where can I turn for the right information and assistance?

It can be confusing, trying to wade through the ever-growing sea of tech tools and business apps available today. A great place to start is by doing some online research. Read about the products on the maker’s own websites. Then, read reviews, talk with other business owners about their experiences, test a few of the apps out, and definitely discuss your options and plans with your IT department or IT service provider. They have the knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions about the technology and AI tools you need to strengthen your business, 





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